Monthly Archives: July 2024

An oopsy!

I realize it has been a while since I posted. Things are a bit slow here right now. Doing the usual dentist appointments and stuff. The tomatoes are in and I am enjoying them as I am sure all of you who read this regularly will know. My own tomato plants are looking great and have lots of fruit so soon, I will have my own crop! Exciting. Our weather has been really nice the last couple days. Highs in the eighties. Just right.

I visited the big market this morning to get my semi-weekly supply of tomatoes and was simply floored by the number of English speakers that were there. The summer season is definitely here. We also went grocery shopping this morning and were astounded by all the languages. Everyone comes and rents, or have summer houses which need to be equipped so the groceries are the place they all must go! I kind of like all the hubbub.
The oopsy — A couple days ago, we were upstairs and I heard a loud bang outside. Curious I went to see. Looks like a small accident. Couldn’t be sure who did what but seems the BMW rear ended the Mini who had pulled into a parking spot. The Carabinieri came and so did lots of spectators. Created quite the traffic jam.

Last night we were privileged to meet some of the family of our friends Christie and Jane. There were twelve of them, so quite a handful. Last night was a re-affirmation of vows for Christie’s daughter and son-in-law. We didn’t participate but we loved being included. We sat at our own table and the party of 12 sat next to us. Our friends Manuele and Barbara and their sons also came. So nice to see them. Manuele was our Geometra on the first renovation we did. Here are a few pictures and a short video.

View from the dining terrace. Can anything be more beautiful?

We had a nice time and I loved watching them all dig right into the great food at Ristorante Agriturismo Calagrana.
We are getting ready for another trip. This one to Germany, our old stomping grounds from back when we lived there. We are meeting up with our friends Kaye and Jeff, and Steve and Shiromi, all Australians we haven’t seen since pre-Covid. We will be staying on the Rhine River in the most picturesque part, the Rhine Gorge. We leave July 15.

Happy Fourth of July to all my American peeps!! 🇺🇸