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In the beginning…

Welcome to the adventure!

I am an avid Italian blog reader. I began researching a move to Italy a couple of years ago and have amassed a number of different Italy related blogs which I read regularly. I have learned from each one of them and am very grateful to the authors.

Now it’s my turn to share the experience. I intend to document as much of this endeavor to move to Italy as possible. I started to research over a year ago and decided to try to buy a house rather than rent one. It was very hard to decide where in Italy to go. We finally decided on Umbria. We have been there a number of times and like it very much – plus it’s very central. We have contacted a number of real estate agents after getting recommendations from some folks we know who live there already.

January 15, 2014 we fly into Rome on a house hunting trip. We have rented a flat in a town called Umbertide which is in the north of Umbria. We will concentrate on the north and the central parts of Umbria. We have obtained our Codice fiscale from the Italian Embassy here in Washington DC which is needed to purchase anything in Italy. We will need to open a bank account right away so we can transfer funds. I am told we will need about 10% of the purchase price to put in an offer.

Cross your fingers for us! We really need to find something we like on this trip!