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I can be contacted via email at nancy22314 at yahoo dot com. I am always glad to hear from like-minded folks and if I can help or answer any questions please let me know.

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  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Troy and Mary! We all are just waiting…anticipating! I appreciate the no sew one but I’m challenging myself…and my rotten sewing skills! After all…what else do I have to do? I can report on my progress! You both stay home and safe…it remains to be seen how it all plays out.

  2. Leslie Keller

    Great blog – I love following your travels. Could you post a picture of your car? I would love to see it.


  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    the War was tough around here, for sure. I bet you miss Umbertide. It is a quirky little place but it grows into your heart! Your life sounds interesting. We went to Abruzzo this summer. I like that region.

  4. Maggie Gardiner

    Hi Nancy, Have fond memories of Umbertide. We lived in a village called Santa Guiliana not far from there for two six month periods in the late 90’s and Umbertide was our nearest town. I still make my version of Umbrian ministrone, which we first enjoyed in a little trattoria there run by a lady who saw her husband put up against the wall opposite and shot by the Nazis.
    We now live half the year in a village in Abruzzo and half in Australia.

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