Castello Monte Vibiano

Progress has stalled at the apartment. I keep going over and nothing has changed. SO this morning we went over to see Emanuele. He was outside and saw us coming. I think he knew we were coming to talk about the lack of progress. He assured us he had received all of the tiles for both the terrace and the interior. Also all the lighting. He said work would begin anew on Monday (day after tomorrow) and continue until it’s done. He “said” 10 – 15 days. We’ll see!

Day before yesterday I decided to unpack all of our clothes. I decided to put them in the closets or the chest of drawers so they should stay clean through the renovation work. It was good to get a few things new to wear.

Yesterday we went on an outing. We invited Susan and Gary to join us. We were going to visit a winery in the Gamboro Rossi wine book. Monte Vibiano is it’s name. We, of course, got really lost in the Umbrian hills. The GPS dumped us on a “white road”. Unpaved and in the middle of nowhere. We saw a man who we spoke to about the location and finally found it in the town of Morcella.

The write-up described it as totally ECO green. They put out no CO2. They give tours in custom made electric carts. The building is beautiful and the grounds manicured. They had just started the harvest. A friendly woman named Camilla came over and introduced herself as the sister of the CEO. Their grandfather had started the winery and they had moved it forward embracing the green concept. We tasted the wines and they were quite good. They have tours which include wine and appetizers. You need to make reservations well in advance. There are two per day.  Here are some pictures.

The crush.


The front of the property.


The tasting room.


Afterwards we went to lunch albeit not in the place we had reservations. It was OK. Since it was Friday they had a whole fish menu which we had. All in all a good time.