Trip preparation

I want to explain the mystery of the inexplicable fine from my last post. Turns out, it was taxes due. Plus a fine. I could ask my Commercialista why, but it’s not that much money and I’m not going to bother. Anyway, mystery solved.

We have been very busy getting ready for our trip. We got our health cards extended so we would have coverage on our trip. We have had several people come and look at the apartment. I got my hair cut. We have met some good friends for some nice lunches. Yesterday we finally received our taxes from our Commercialista for the first part of the year. This payment is for half of last year, and we also pay ”in anticipo” for estimated tax for the first half of this year. This is the second document required by the Questura for our application for the EU long term Permesso di Soggiorno. Unfortunately we got it yesterday. Too late for us to get it in to them before we leave. So it will be first on our to-do list when we return.

We attended an art exhibit featuring three Umbrian artists last evening in a small village called Lugnano. Very nice show in Palazzo Luna and our friend was one of the artists. The town is miniscule.

Vicola in Lugnano

I am madly packing and getting ready for our House/cat sitters arrival tomorrow. We will pick them up at the train station. I want to make them some special pasta dishes. I went to the local Saturday Mercato this morning. We are drowning in cherries now! Look at the varied colors. I didn’t realize there were so many. From almost black, to deep red, to cherry red!

My next post will most likely be about our trip. Travel is so fraught with uncertainty nowadays. I just hope all is uneventful. Ciao for now!

14 thoughts on “Trip preparation

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Laurie, great to meet you virtually here. I would be happy to meet up with you. I’ll send a short email to you now so we can figure out a time.

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hello Elizabeth. The people sitting for us were originally found on the Trustdhousesitters website. They sat for us four years ago, and we asked them if they would like to return, which they did. I usually use that site.
    Yes, most of the food grown locally here that I buy at the weekly outdoor market is organically grown and within a short distance away. Called the kilometer zero market. The supermarkets and larger vendors at our Wednesday market will mark the produce that is organic.


    Hi Nancy, What house/pet sitting company do you use? And do you know if the crops grown locally there are grown organically without pesticides? Thanks!

  4. Laurie Zenner

    Hi, Nancy,

    You don’t know me, but we both take Italian lessons from Marilena. I’ve been following your blog for a while now, particularly about getting a long-term permesso. I applied for one in January and my appointment is July 12 at the Questura in Perugia. Would you let me buy you lunch or coffee when you get back from your trip and before my appointment? I would love to know what to expect. I can drive over to Umbertide whenever it is convenient for you. I live near Passignano. I’m looking forward to meeting you.
    Laurie Zenner

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Christina, yes we got our A2 certificates a few years ago. They were included in our application packet. We were asked to get two additional items. We just have obtained them and will visit the Questura when we return from vacation. Hopefully now we can get the Permessi. 🤞

  6. Christina Seligson

    Hi Nancy! Wondering how your 5 yr permesso request is progressing! Did you obtain the A1&A2 certificates from the qualified institutions?

  7. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Not as interesting as your journeys! But I am happy you like the blog..

  8. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Allen, it was big doings in town last night. There is a traveling troupe here doing Pinocchio. Attracting a lot of interest from adults and kids alike. We have really great windows so we just shut the front ones and leave the back ones open for the breeze. So it was very quiet up here. Sorry to have missed you. We have our house sitters arriving today and will be busy getting them ready to take over from us. Hopefully next time!

  9. Allen L

    I just left the Piazza. Lots of people out there tonight. Must have been noisy. Not sure you’ll have time to meet up before you leave and then I’ll be back in US end of June. Allen

  10. Carlo

    Good luck on your trip, Nancy. Say hi to Cindy and Bill for us. I’m looking forward to the trip report. Buon viaggio!

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