A nice break in the weather

On Tuesday we took the injured Porsche to the dealer so we could find out what that pothole did to it. Sadly, it took out both of the wheels on the right side. This is not a minor thing. We don’t yet know what the cost of repairs will be.

Yesterday the wind came up and the heat went down (some). It was so refreshing. Overnight we left all the windows open and it was nice and cool. Today we decided to go somewhere since it was such a nice day. The wind had blown the haze away too!

We had read about a ceramics exposition in the town of Cessena north of us. We tootled on up and parked outside of the town. On the way, I spied three of the big glass amphorae beside a dumpster! I have one and it is so pretty so I decided to stop on the way home and get another. As you know the sunflowers are all blooming and I got Luther to stop so I could get a shot. They are just so pretty and these were so abundant I couldn’t resist. I like that there are four or five fields going up the hill.
The ceramics exhibition turned out to be a one man show. Here are a couple of his sculptures. Strange but interesting.




The town of Cessena is a walled hilltop town. We entered it through a tunnel that goes into the old cisterns from which it gets it’s name. Just beside the entrance was this pretty group of flowers with the view behind them.

View from the town across the Tiber valley.

We checked out another town supposed to be famous for it’s ceramics due to the fact that they have some of the most pure clay in the world. The town name was Fighille. I must do some more research as we found no one selling or exhibiting ceramics.

I stopped and picked up the Amphora. I got it in the trunk just barely. Now I have to figure out how to get that wrapping stuff off.

6 thoughts on “A nice break in the weather

  1. Leslee Hinton

    The sunflower fields are stunning. Are the flowers grown for their seeds or to make saflower oil?

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    humm. I don’t have anything big enough to hold it and soak it. But actually I don’t think it is stuck to the glass. I think it is just woven around it. So if I can get something that will cut through it it may just peel off. I will keep you posted.

  3. jencvt2002

    Wow, that photo of the sunflower fields is stunning!

    Do you think you could just soak the amphora in water – perhaps the adhesive is water soluble?

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