Buon Ferragosto!

Tomorrow is Ferragosto. The August holiday which is dead center of the month. The month of VACATION!! Big parties tomorrow.

This is a mundane post. I got out early since the predicted high today is 38C. That’s 100 degrees in US speak. Hot. So I was up and out before eight. I did my shopping at our local market first thing. The high summer bounty of fruits and vegetables are beautiful. It was hard to stop buying. Here are a few pics of the deliciousness to come.

Zucchini, borlotti beans, eggplant, sweet red onion, greenbeans
Every week we go through quantities of tomatoes. And I’ve not even gotten to making sauce.
What’s better than a Caprese salad when the tomatoes are at peak? This is locally made near Montone

I ran into some friends and we had a chat. Mostly about their recent vacation to Como, and the wonderful food in the market. We shared some recipes.

I didn’t only go out to shop. I wanted to get in my walk early before the heat. And like I often do, I decided to combine my walk with an errand. I had finally gotten some more charcoal and was planning to grill. I’ve got a skirt steak that I aim to make into fajitas. It was calling out for an avocado to go with it so I walked to the so-called “Egyptian” market 😁 It is owned by immigrants and I guess people think they are from Egypt so they call it the Egyptian market. I kinda doubt that. But anyway, they have things available there that cater to the immigrant communities in Umbertide and the surrounding towns. Things like cilantro. They have it reliably. And they have avocados that are perfect, and reliably good. So I make a point to get my avocados from them. So, as part of my walk I got two avocados and while there I even decided to buy four ears of corn. I’m sure it won’t be up to my standards of sweet American corn, but I want it so badly, I’ll try anything. I’m going to grill two, for a salad, and boil two, to test how good they are. I asked where they came from and he said Sicilia. I think most of their stuff comes from there.

Here is the corn. All trimmed up.

Doesn’t look so appetizing but we’ll give it a go.

On my way back, I was amused by this little grill on the sidewalk at our little corner store that sells all sorts of things for the household. The amusing part was that it said it was a barbecue “Professionale”. Right. Looks pretty flimsy for professional use!

That’s about it. I’ll try to remember to post a picture of our dinner tonight. And the corn whichever way I do it.

Ciao for now…buon Ferragosto wherever you are! 🌈

12 thoughts on “Buon Ferragosto!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Tony, thank you! I sometimes feel it’s not worth posting, but then I get a nice comment like this. So I’ll keep posting the everyday stuff too!

  2. Tony Melançon

    Your daily life is what most of us want which is why we’re, or at least I, am so grateful that you’re sharing what it’s like there.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Louann, every grocery store has Bio products. So you can always look for that. It is the same here as in the US. Very hard to get certified Bio. But most of the markets, like our local one, are bio, even if not certified. I always shop a particular stand that advertises their products are their own production, and just from nearby. The larger markets have bigger, more what I’d call industrial stands. They get their produce from mostly Sicily or down south. Not local to this area, and I don’t think it can be called bio.

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hard to describe. It is on Piazza Carlo Marx. At the end. I can send a screenshot in an email.

  5. louannchapman

    Thanks for the great photos Nancy! I was wondering. Here in the States I support the organic local farmers as their produce is not sprayed with toxic pesticides. Is this something to worry about when selecting produce in the Italian public markets? I don’t see “organic” on signs. Do you happen to know? Thanks!

  6. Carlo

    What a nice looking little market! I think the corn on the cob looks like most yellow corn I see here in the US Mid-Atlantic, at least, in the photos. Where is that market, roughly, so I can locate it on Google Maps?

  7. Nancy Hampton Post author

    These high temps are getting worse every year. Climate change for sure. It hit 120 degrees in Sicily this week. highest ever recorded in Europe. And most don’t have AC. It a killing thing. Enjoy your corn. If I only had a garden, I’d grow it.

  8. Margaret Rosen McGarrell

    Yikes- 100°! I’ve never even felt that in Italia! It’s sizzling from CA to Vt to Italy! Will be good to be there in Fall. We do have wonderful corn here, Nancy, but you’ll beat my Caprese any day! Ci vediamo subito!

  9. Matthew Daub

    So here’s a comforting USA corn update for you. We’ve been enjoying the best sweet corn ever here in Eastern PA, UNTIL recently. The supermarket was trucking it up from Georgia, but now that it’s in season around here I guess they’re buying closer to home. YUK! Now I need to find a new source.

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