Buona domenica

Our weather is foul. It’s the only word for it. High of 5C today, spitting cold rain, with howling winds. Doesn’t that sound lovely? That doesn’t mean I am not enjoying my Sunday. The apartment is warm and cozy. Of course the stufa is burning in the living area. Last week we had 30 bags of pellets delivered which should see us through the winter. We buy them and they bring them to the steps on the ground floor. We then hire two men, our downstairs neighbor, Pietro, and Walter an unemployed but very nice fellow who is a fixture in Umbertide. They are happy to make the money — it is a lot of work. They huff and puff. I have emergency services on speed dial. 😁 At least Luther doesn’t have to carry them anymore. 💕

The stufa has a big hopper in it. You pull it out and fill it and it feeds the pellets in throughout the day. One hopper full lasts a day and a half. We turn it off at night. The living/dining room is a big room with high ceilings so we augment the radiator heat with the stove. Very cozy.

Energy costs are high here, so many Italians heat with wood. Some have whole house pellet systems that heat the water and the house. Others, who have access to wood supplies, use wood. Fireplaces or wood stoves. I, personally, love a real fireplace. When we move, a fireplace or wood stove will be on the ”must have” list.

Tonight I am grilling an enormous bistecca which we bought from our favorite butcher, Etrusco in Bosco. I will grill it on the kitchen fire. The fire will warm the room and also allow me to make a fine dinner. The firewood is brought by a nice Romanian gent named Quintino. He brings five big bags whenever I ask him and delivers it right up to my terrace. I must admit, I pay him handsomely. It is worth it to me, and he appreciates the money.

Have a nice Sunday everyone!💕

7 thoughts on “Buona domenica

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Ray,
    Happy you’re enjoying my journal! I have always loved ceiling fans. We had a weekend house on the Rappahannock river near the Chesapeake bay and we had a ceiling fan in every room. They help a lot with heating and cooling too. I think we could probably have one installed in our very tall living room if there is already electricity up in that beam. Running electricity here is very difficult. No walls to go through as they are all solid. I am sure it would help if we could. I may look into that! Thanks!

  2. Ray Lorente

    Hi Nancy,
    Is there any way to install a ceiling fan. We have high ceilings too and the only way to get the hot air off the ceiling is a reverse direction of the fan. It may be a cost in the short run but may make your hime more efficient since fans use very little electricity.
    Love your site and read it all the time.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Deborah Marie, These old buildings are notoriously hard to heat! 😁 No insulation. And the thick stone outer walls conduct the cold right through. Once it gets cold takes a lot of time to re-warm. The stufa is the best thing to keep us cozy. In summer those same thick walls keep us cool. 🙂 New construction is more efficient but lacks character.

  4. Deboramaria

    Nancy, love your site. I never miss a post. Thank you so much for telling us future expats how to stay warm. Love the artwork over your mantle. Thanks again and buona domenica.

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Joanne, it sure has! I bet you’re using your wood stove. March will come in like a lion I guess.
    Baci, Nancy

  6. Joanne Qualey

    Sounds like a lovely, cozy day to me, Nancy! We have snow flurries up here today, cold and windy. Winter has returned.

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