Buona Festa della Republica! 🇮🇹

Today is Festa della Republica – Italian Independence Day. The day Italy voted the Monarchy out just after WWII. Big doings in town. Antique and cool cars and motorcycles near La Rocca.

I went down to the Piazza to meet my friend Elizabeth for a Caffè. Or rather, I should say i went to ”take a caffè” which is the Italian way to say it. It was pleasant, as it was still morning. Record heat for today through the weekend in Italy. It will be hitting 40C or 104F in the south. I snapped a few pictures. Our comune with flags. Not as spectacular as the fly over but still festive.

And our two Bars in the Piazza. Bar Mary and Café Centrale. Bar Mary has really upped their game this year, adding planter boxes with trellis’ to delineate their space and new black umbrellas. They intend to get two more umbrellas to complete the look. It is quite inviting now, I think.

Buona festa a tutti! 🇮🇹 🇮🇹

4 thoughts on “Buona Festa della Republica! 🇮🇹

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi LeeRyan, holidays here are mostly religious. All towns put up lights and usually a Christmas tree in the main piazza. But it’s more a family holiday. Some cities (like Florence) have amazing lights. Easter is also good with processions for Easter week.
    The best Festivals in Italy are the ones in the individual towns. Each is unique and they do go all out. I guess the best strategy would be to target a town or area and then research the festivals. My town has one called Otto ‘Cento. Celebrates when Italy became a country in the 1800s. It last four days. Nearby, our hill town has several, a film festival which lasts a week, a medieval festival, a festival del Bosco (fest of the woods). Others do chestnuts, porcini, pastas, wild boar, truffles, you name it. So if you can time your trip and town right you can participate and enjoy the fun.

  2. LeeRyan Coston

    I LOVE the pride that Italians have in their country. And do they ever know how to celebrate!!
    Tell me, Nancy, what holiday or event is “Thee One” not to miss? I’m planning a trip to Italy and I was thinking for Christmas. I understand that it starts on Dec 8th and runs through the end of the year, but I wanted to check with you. Grazie!

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I wish I had taken photos, I did not. Yes Bar Mary kinda has to compete with Cafe Centrale now, who are more upscale. I prefer my girls and Mirko at Bar Mary. I like them as they feel more friendly and welcoming. Not that cafe Centrale is not, but just a different vibe. And Bar Mary has the traditional Briscola games with the old men, I never see them at Cafe Centrale.

  4. Matthew Daub

    Hi Nancy – Bar Mary certainly has “upped their game.” Big improvement! Any photos of the cars near the rocca? I’m an Alfista…. would love to see them.

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