Busy week

Mundane things we got done this week. Some good, some not-so-good.
I forgot to mention that we had a call from our Polizia Municipale on Saturday. They had a citation for us and had to deliver it. We said we were home so he came by to our house with it. (So weird that they do this.) Turns out we were on vacation on our cruise when this infraction occurred so that meant it was our house sitters. They did tell me they went to the Adriatic coast and that is where they got this speeding ticket. Luckily it wasn’t too much over the limit so no need to ask for their drivers license info so we can say who was driving. No points involved. We paid the fine and will wait to see if we get any more to decide whether we will bother with asking them to repay us. Sometimes it’s not worth it.
Monday we spent 3 hours at the ginormous Perugia hospital waiting — and 15 minutes of that time was for procedures. Ugh. I’m getting an orthoscopia of my sinuses and had to do pre-op tests and an interview with the anesthetist because I will be asleep for the procedure. So that’s done. Now I wait to find out the date for the procedure. I just hope it’s not on Thanksgiving or just before since we are going to Thanksgiving lunch at Calagrana with friends. Here is the waiting room…tick…tick..tick. ⏰

Tuesday I drove to Sansepolcro in nearby Tuscany for my, much needed, haircut. I love that little city. It’s in the upper Tiber Valley just like we are. They are right up at the end of the valley where the big mountains start. The town has just over 15,000 people so just slightly smaller than Umbertide. It was a gray day and I had a little time so walked a little into town from the gate and took a few pictures. None are very good. The town has all their Christmas lights up already.


I may be wrong but it seems like the people in Sansepolcro dress more stylishly than in Umbertide. I think I’m right though. Umbertide is a working class town for the most part and Umbrian to boot. Tuscany is, well, you know, Tuscany, so it is a little more posh. 😁
Wednesday brought a meeting with my architect, Irma. I think all the details are nailed down now. She and I will go to the Falegname (cabinet maker) Nicoletti here in town who will custom build our cabinets.  I will pick the color then. I’ve already chosen the countertop color and the color for the floor. Still must chose appliances, sink, faucet but that should be it. Today we decided to replace one narrow cabinet with a wine rack. The work won’t start until January which is pretty perfect actually. We will be here. We won’t have any guests. Hopefully it will be done before we go home to the US for the first time in four years in March.  Here’s the plan before. Today we decided on cabinets that lift up rather than open normally. And the narrow cabinet on the left will become a wine rack. 

Thursday, I worked in the gardens in the morning. I cleaned out and cut back the lavender and a big pink flowering plant that got huge, also the hostas and the ornamental grass I planted. There is still more to do but it’s better now. I also planted all the bulbs that my friend Jill gifted to me. Lots of flowers this spring! Won’t that be something to look forward to?

At a little after eleven I left to meet my bestie, Jen, in Passignano sul Trasimeno for lunch. It’s a pretty lakefront town. I think there are about 8,000 people and it is on the main train line. My friend lives in Foligno and doesn’t like to drive so this worked for us both and I love the lake. Here are some pictures from around town.

Along the lakefront promenade

Pretty park along lake

Along the lakefront promenade

Part of the old castle fortress above the town

Glad these aren’t my stairs

Somebody likes wine

Castle fortress built on a cliff

We ate at Trattoria Pescatore. This place, like most restaurants around the lake, specializes in lake fish. Some of it is regional and specialized like they catch and eat eels, usually made into stew. I’ve had it and it’s actually pretty good. The food is very good. I had risotto with zucca and scamorza. That’s risotto with puréed winter squash and the smoked cheese they make here. Very good and perfect for a one course meal – rich. Jen had the Tuscan soup. It was a bit chilly so the food was quite warming. Here is the restaurant interior, very snug and cozy, and my risotto.

In summer they have a pretty shady garden area. It’s right in the Centro Storico. This photo is the walkway outside covered in vines.

Lago Trasimeno is the fourth largest lake in Italy and the largest on the peninsula. In summer it’s very busy and all along the shores are camp grounds and discos which close in winter. Pretty tacky. In winter the area is quiet and tranquil.

Tomorrow, Friday concludes the week with my Italiano class. It was a productive week!

4 thoughts on “Busy week

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Plenty to do in summer. And in other seasons there’s the train to all the pretty towns ( an Oerugia) over to Foligno an north to Arezzo. Mosquitos are all over central Italy, but worse by the lake/water.

  2. Maggie Devlin

    Hi! The castle fortress you pictured is right next door to the home we were thinking about!! What is your opinion of the area for a vacation home? Mosquitos are our main concern though……. We have 4 children in their 30s, with only 1 married. So we need a place they will be happy with too….with stuff to do. ~Maggie

  3. Carlo

    I learned to speak Spanish from the time I entered the second grade at an international school in South America but U.S. English was my first language—the language both my first-generation U.S. American parents spoke despite being raised in families that spoke Spanish and Calabrese Italian.

    I have worked at learning French, German, and Italian. I think it takes years of practice to master a foreign language and, even then, it is not the same as speaking the way natives speak. I think the big difference is having to translate from the language you think in to the language you are speaking. Once you can think in a language, your fluency reaches a new level.

    Then there is writing…

    But, the main thing is practice, practice, practice. Most people will go to great lengths to understand you and to help you understand if you show you genuinely care about interacting and communicating with them in their own language. Plus, it’s very gratifying when you do!

    Keep up the great work! I’m sure you are doing well. And, I know, so is Luther. You will only get better and better.

  4. Noel

    I am curious, Nancy. How is your Italian? I’ve seen numerous posts describing interactions with various tradesmen, Italian friends, restaurateurs, etc. Are you fluent? You seem to maneuver quite well through the various Italian systems, something that seems a bit daunting to my wife and me, despite my fairly decent Italian. Dimmi, per favore, come riesci a comunicare così bene cogli umbertidesi. Grazie!!

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