Carte Jaune

A vaccine yellow card? Carte Jaune, is a medical passport issued by the World Health Organization. It’s an official record that some countries require for entrance, and it can document vaccination against diseases ranging from cholera and yellow fever to such childhood illnesses as rubella. So, will a “Carte Jaune” be required for Covid?

What will happen? No one knows. Airlines can require a coronavirus vaccine because they are private companies. Also, cruise lines. Countries may also make vaccination a requirement for crossing their borders. Within the United States, it’s highly unlikely that the vaccination would ever be required for travel, according to experts. So, I suppose this means you can remain in the US and travel, which I agree with. But there may be restrictions and requirements for vaccination to travel to other countries. It is early days yet…

We learned yesterday, our age group here in Italy, should be getting the vaccine from March to May. They are having “traveling gazebos” (whatever they are!) to administer the vaccine or we can go to our medico. Or we think we can. This is the latest plan and they seem to change often. Again, we will wait and see.
It’s funny. I bought the New Year seafood 4 course meal for us from Calagrana. The menu was: antipasto – Salmon Carpaccio, primi – tagliatelle with mixed seafood sauce, secondo – two sea bass filets cooked with a buttery tomatoey sauce and contorni (sides), and dolce – bread and butter pudding. Luther and I decided there was no way we could eat it all at once and truly enjoy it, so we ate the carpaccio on New Years Eve. Then the sea bass with the Brussels sprouts and the potatoes on New Years, then the tagliatelle last night. And the pudding over the whole time. Parts of three meals for us that were supposed to be one. I feel we enjoyed them more this way. I shared this picture on Facebook. Thank you Calagrana! It was delizioso!

Bread and butter pudding

Stay safe everyone… Andrà tutto bene.🌈

6 thoughts on “Carte Jaune

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Matthew,
    I used to visit the Amish area in PA so I know Pennsylvania Dutch food…and I lived in Germany which has similar artery busting food. It is good, once in a while! Glad you enjoyed it over time 😋

  2. Matthew Daub

    Seems like a trend that knows no borders! We split our typically Gi-normous PA Dutch pork mit kraut takeout between lunch and dinner and enjoyed it twice. The two slices of deep dish blueberry custard lasted us two days! BTW, anyone passing along I78 in Lenhartsville might want to stop at the Deitsch Eck (Dutch Corner) for an artery clogging traditional meal.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Shirley,
    The recipe includes Panetone, which is only around at Christmas time. I doubt it will ever be on their menu. I asked Ely for the recipe…we will see if she replies and I’ll put it on my blog. But it is seasonal as the main ingredient is left over panetone. It was a very “comfort food” dessert.

  4. Shirley

    We also spread out the enjoyment of our meals at times. I hope they have the dessert the next time we are able to visit. Failing that, I think it would be wonderful if they put together a cookbook and included their bread pudding recipe in the book. I certainly would buy one.

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hah. I thought it was only us that did that with our meal. I really do enjoy it more when I don’t get so stuffed.

    Sounds like you’ll be a little ahead of us with the vaccination. I think once we’ve gotten it the world is again, our oyster. I’d love to go back to the US this year. Missing my sis. And the shopping 😁 — As the blog kept saying…we wait and see!

  6. Sally

    Same here in Nice, I bought a four course New Year’s Eve dinner and ate it over three meals.
    Happy New Year! We have an app we signed up on here and niece and I am in group to hopefully vaccinated February March. Do you have any plans to go back to the states next year? I think I’m going to try to go back in July and August when it’s just too bloody hot here.

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