Corona virus 17

395 positive cases in Umbria — up 18%. 7 deaths. Up from 2 yesterday.

47,021 positive cases in Italy — up 15% from yesterday.

The positive cases in the US are already 15,219. Deaths 201. This is up precipitously since just last week.

Interestingly the virus now is seeming to sicken and kill younger people. No longer only the elderly. This should be a wake up call to all the young people who have been flaunting the new protocols suggested by our government in the US.

I’ve heard people posit that things will be better in the US, than in say, Italy. There is no reason to suggest that is correct. I’m not wishing it to be bad there but I do think the facts point to the virus being an equal opportunity disease. Matters not what race, age, gender or nationality. It will kill indiscriminately.

I have been watching the afternoon news briefings with our administration officials. Unfortunately there are mixed messages coming out which is not helpful. Some say the old medicine that used to be used to treat malaria will cure the corona virus. So far it shows limited evidence of healing the sick. Dr. Fauci, the head doctor on the Presidential team says there is no reason to believe it will be helpful. And it cannot be used unless tested and approved. It is dangerous to raise hopes unrealistically.

It is Saturday. And we still can’t go anywhere. So, what shall we do? Earlier today I caught up on the crossword puzzles I’ve not gotten to the last four days. And, of course, reading the news.

The day is beautiful and I went for a walk. My knee was needing some exercise. I made sure I was out of town in 2 minutes. Doesn’t take long. And then I walked up the river. I saw one other person, a woman who was dressed for the dead of winter. Heavy, long black wool overcoat, scarf tightly wrapped around her neck and face and a warm wool hat. This is normal, she was just being an Italian. They dress like this until June 1. Anyway, it was nice to get out and I took some pictures. The first is my favorite.

Views up and down the path…all alone…as the rules say.

The rest of the day stretches out ahead of us. I have a good book I’m reading, The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt. It is very thick. I think I’m on page 600 something and not nearly done yet. I may go out on the terrace for a while and clean off the mold that accumulates in winter. There is supposed to be a cold front coming thru so no working outside next week. I see a fire and a nice steak in our future.
Stay safe everyone, stay home if you at all can.
andrà tutto bene!

8 thoughts on “Corona virus 17

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Wow, I hope not. I do hear some scary stories. I put it down to crazy groups who think this is their big chance to take over. But I don’t believe it…at least I sure hope not. I didn’t know Colorado was locked down. I’m happy it seems to be happening but I think a lot of the less progressive states will be slow to do this.and really, Italy learned, you cannot do half measures. It will not work. Take care and stay safe at home.💕

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hello Brian,
    Good question and I’m sure lots of people would like to know the answer. I believe it was slow action and now non-compliance and allowing still too much interaction. First off, Milan, being the worlds fashion capital, has a lot of interaction with the Chinese and there are a lot of Chinese workers here in the manufacturing of the clothes. Many workers returned just as the infection was getting going in China after having gone for the New Year celebration. Then, when the authorities here realized the outbreak was getting bad they quarantined 12 towns, the epicenter. When that wasn’t helping they shut down the larger areas of Lombardy, Emiglia Romana, and the Veneto. The virus continued to grow so they planned to totally lock down the entire north. Word leaked and people fled in the night to all parts of Italy, spreading the contagion further. When the government realized that, they shut down the entire country. So there were lots of missteps. The tendency seems to be (in all countries) to try to stop it with half measures rather than really clamping down. And that allows it to get away and then it is unstoppable. No one wants to put people out of work. Or ruin their economy, so they do the least the think is necessary. This happened in France, Germany, Spain, the UK and now the US. I don’t know how it will all end. But until everyone really takes it seriously the human race is in for a drubbing.

  3. Mary E Lawrence

    Thanks to you and your daily message! I still hope to make Italy be my retirement home – just wonder when. Here in Colorado we are in quarantine like you and so far very few people have succumbed to virus! My big fear is that soon people will begin to ‘blame’ – like our president encourages, and the homocide rate will go up! Pray that does not happen. Be safe and thanks again for sharing your journey. Mary Ellen Lawrence

  4. Brian

    Nice photos and i like your approach to presenting stats in your community each day. One question keeps surfacing…
    How did Italy get to be epicenter of coronavirus in the world? Was it slow government reaction? You have been in lockdown a while now. I hope it is working.
    Take care

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    God Nancy. That was all so true. These officials must know…they are smart people after all…that this will not help and will hurt in the end. A pox on them…🙂 getting Shakespearean. And the whole choosing who gets saved. I’m glad I don’t have to choose. And why should a stupid 23 year old Idiot get the ventilator over a 66 year old?
    Stay well and saf…and inside!

  6. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Sadly this reminds me of 9-11. All those days back then we had such perfect autumn days, blue skies, beautiful temps. Even excluding the day of the attack. I remember thinking it was all wrong. But we should enjoy now I think. This could last a long time.

  7. Nancy

    The Goldfinch is epic, but I kind of wish you had chosen something more cheery. But you will enjoy it! Thanks for the beautiful photos. Do I see a slight slowing in Italian statistics? 15% is better than 20%.
    Sleeping has become another victim of the virus for this Nancy as I watch our *stupid*CDC and citizens hurdle headlong with abandon and selfish overconfidence toward disaster. Seattle with one hospital not intimating patients over 65. Will their families be refunded the Medicare dollars they paid in over a lifetime? Of course not. But the young will have their precious beach time and parties. And then have an accident to take away the ventilator for some wise and otherwise healthy 66 year old in Seattle. Jesus help us.

  8. Joanne Qualey

    Beautiful pictures, Nancy. Feels so surreal here with the beautiful weather and scenery and no one out and about.
    Stay safe and healthy!💕

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