I dropped by the apartment this morning before anyone could start work. I was unhappy to see that they still had not covered our brand new sofa and the place is really dusty from the demolition work. Emanuele promised he would do that a couple of days ago. Oh well.

They have torn up the floors in the new and old kitchens and it looks like they have started to clean out the attic. Here are pictures.




They have the stage all built for the upcoming festival. Tonight will be the first night. I’ll report back.

Today it is really pretty out but quite cool. Really feels like fall. The sky is partly cloudy. We are going to go to Perugia to actually sightsee today. They have some really good museums there. We are also on a mission to find the MiniMetro. Gary had told us the outermost station has lots of parking and takes you right to the center of town.

We are also searching out a good lunch place of course!