Fall is upon us

It is amazing how fast the seasons change here! It was just a little over a week ago that it was blazing hot! Now it’s cool and a few showers. It feels very autumnal 🍁. Nights cool down so much we have to wear sweaters to sit outside in the evenings. We have friends visiting right now. They are staying at a friend’s vacant house in Montone. They said it’s like the desert [edit – ha ha ha, no it’s not like dessert! Sorry!] the way it get so cool at night.

Autumn Umbrian tapestry.

It is also the end of the growing season. They are busy harvesting the grapes. They started with the white Trebbiano Spoletino. Then, surprisingly they said the Merlot was next. It will continue through September and into October/November with the Sagrantino grapes, the Cabernet, and the Grechetto.


I also am harvesting my bumper crop of hot peppers. We grew Jalapeños, cayenne, and two types of habaneros- chocolate and orange. We also have a small bush-like pepper with tiny hot peppers. It’s very ornamental.

Here is just part of my crop.

Next post will be about a fun visit with one of my besties and her husband.

Enjoy the season!

4 thoughts on “Fall is upon us

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thank you so much. The weather is extraordinary right now. Our friends who are visiting got very lucky. I need to look up a recipe for pepper jelly since we have so many! Thanks!

  2. Amy

    My best friend grows some small, ornamental peppers and they make the best pepper jelly! Your pictures are beautiful and the weather sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Aw too bad we are far apart. I have so many! I would share. I get my plants from a nursery nearby. And believe me, it came as a huge surprise to see these plants there. They even had ghost peppers and they are even too much for me! Italians have little pepperoncini peppers but that’s pretty much it for hot spice. And here, cilantro is very scarce. I’ve sussed out all the nearby places here but it’s very spotty. I cook all my fav spicy foods at home in defense of the good, but not spicy cuisine here. I love spice! 💕 Happy searching…and cooking!

  4. Sally Jean Sprinkle

    Jalapenos??? A girl after my own heart. I recently moved to Nice France and am craving guacamole in a big way. I’ve found where I can buy cilantro and avocados but haven’t yet found jalapenos. Where did you find the seeds? Any tips on growing?

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