House hunting continues…

We are just home from our trip to Spoleto to see two houses. Spoleto is a nice hill town. It takes an hour to drive there from Umbertide.

The first place we saw was a top floor apartment (with lift). It has a large living dining area and a big terrace. The roof/ceiling is pretty unique, it is curved wood. It’s a very nice space. Just my type of house. 2 car garage with storage. Place for my pantry. Needs a new kitchen and a wall removed which is obviously just a glass divider. Easily removed. The master bedroom has a nice ensuite bath with gigantic soaking tub for Luther and its own nice terrace. The only issue is, we don’t like the location. It is a residential neighborhood, which is fine. It has well kept houses and leafy yards but there is nothing walkable nearby. Far from the Centro Storico of Spoleto. Not really what we wanted. But I still like the house. I could make it my own. I will not take this one off my list. Asking price €298K.

Living room with funky fireplace…but a nice great room. Good space.
Big terrace.
Kitchen needs replacing and wall removed, then it would be open to the living area. Out that door is a nice pantry space.
Second terrace off of the master bedroom.

The second house was amazing and I always knew in my heart, it would not be our future home. But I just plain old wanted to see it! It was out in the country (about 12 km from Spoleto so not too far) and no way it would work for us. Small. A nice country getaway place. And spectacular reno of a 13th century building. Yes, that would be built in the 1200s. 😳 So cozy, three fireplaces. We met Fabio, the owner, who was super proud of his renovation. And he should be — it was spectacular. It also had a really nice walled garden. Just the right size.

A little piece of info the realtor gave us. The house is on the ancient Roman road through the Appenino mountains. Hannibal and his army went through here to get to the Adriatic coast way back in the 200s BC. I thought this was very cool. Here are pictures of the house. This one has the asking price of €230K.

View of the house. The round part was a former oven, used by the entire community to bake the bread. Now a bathroom.
Living area.
Kitchen. It had a grill and a wood fired small fireplace. To cook in.
Inside the old forno – oven
Inside the oven, now a bath.
Stairs to the bedroom and bath. Kind of let this one out for me.
The original old Roman road. The house is just on the left. It is a hamlet

I have to admit, the Umbertide penthouse is still in the running for us both. Next up we have an appointment on Monday to see three apartments in Foligno. 🤞🤞🤞

22 thoughts on “House hunting continues…

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Phil,
    My friends there told me there wasn’t one, that they used to have one but scraped long ago. They have lived there a long time. I assumed they’d know. I will do some research. It would be nice if you’re right!

  2. Karen Pace

    Hi Nancy, A friend is looking at buying a place in Italy. Would you mind passing along your real estate agent’s name and contact email address? I’m the one who wrote you with the British real estate broker’s contacts in case you couldn’t get anyone to return your calls, but it seems like you did very well and are seeing some great properties! My friend is headed to Tuscany in a week and would like to connect with an agent while there. She’d be willing to drive into Umbria, since it’s so close, if your agent is taking on new clients.
    Karen in Toronto

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hey Matt, just sent an email to you. We have written Spoleto off. Just doesn’t feel right. So now Foligno is on top. We will try to see that property which need work. I just am not sure I want to take that on!

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Dave, we liked Lucca to visit, as a tourist, but we want to stay in Umbria. And also Lucca has too many tourists for us. We tend to try to stay in less touristed places. Hence my beloved Umbertide! 😁

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi James, 🙂 I like Foligno. For the reasons you cite. The only thing that I do NOT like that it has no weekly market. For me, it’s a BIG DEAL. But I’ll try to see if I can adapt if we find the “right” place. Keep watching. Next week we have an appointment to see 3 and then another we hope to see. Maybe Wednesday.

  6. Dave

    Hi Nancy, thanks for sharing. Good luck finding a place. Try Lucca, where we we’re about to be.

  7. James Lupori

    We’re waiting anxiously to see what you preview in Foligno. As you’ve mentioned, Foligno is off most people’s radar, but there are a lot of advantages to living here: there are lots of butchers, bakers, shops and vibrant traditions. It has a train station and it’s flat!!!! Prices are reasonable. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!

  8. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Margaret, that second place was amazingly restored. He took huge pains. He put the electric and drains inside copper ducts rather than try to embed them in the walls. It, of course is totally seismically stabile. This is a requirement for work like this here. I think he rents it as a vacation place. TBH the price for this place is good. There is a second room downstairs which can be a second bedroom or have a sofa bed. I even think of buying an inexpensive place in a town and an inexpensive place in the country! Ah, it is fun to dream, unfortunately I have to also be practical!

  9. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Noel, we are having fun actually. And I totally agree, I need to be closer to the Old City. This place was quite a ways away. We have found nothing there that would work for us in or near Centro. Everyone loves Spello! And I would live there, but our requirements are such that we cannot find anything their either. Sadly.

  10. Margaret Rosen McGarrell

    Nancy, these are wonderful! Definitely got ME dreaming! Both of these spaces look wonderful ( as is Spoleto!) but by now I understand the limitations posed by some. The second is purely sweet, but I GET IT about stairs (!!) as our 5 stories are very tasking, especially with shared quarters on the bottom with no toilet;). I just love the idea of yours for a “summer spot” there…I also really love the first. I look forward to hopefully meeting up in October, perhaps in between ! Hoping you continue to thrive so well in the heat!! Buona fortuna!!

  11. Noel

    My wife and I were in Spoleto in March and it is on our short list, but only if we can find a place inside the walls or very near the porta next to piazza Garibaldi. Beautiful town. We were also taken with Spello, but you’d have to be ok with a smaller comune. In any event, the two homes you saw were gorgeous – hope you’re able to enjoy the process.

  12. nonnafd

    I’m having so much fun following you as you look at houses! Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Antonia, (love your name!) House hunting can be fun IF you’ve got the time. Right now we do, but it will take at least three months to close so that pushes us to the closing on our present apartment. Lucky for us our friends who are buying, are flexible. But we are making every effort to find something. Who knows! Someday an Umbrian house hunt could be in your future! 💕

  14. Antonia Allegra

    I wish you well as you seek your perfect home, Nancy. Am enjoying your descriptions and photos. Wishing such a search in Umbria would be in my life, too! Antonia Allegra

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