Induction cooking – how I like it

I have always been a gas cooking person. Now I have induction in the new kitchen. I promised to post about how I like it. So far so good! I actually like it, with a couple caveats. Many people don’t know about this. It is a magnetic field that makes the heat, but only in the pot. The surface doesn’t get warm. The metal of the pots get agitated by the field, creating heat. It heats up very quickly, and it cools nearly instantly.

Here is the island with the cooktop. It is hidden. It is above the black oblongs which are where the controls are.

This is a close-up of the controls. The little thing shaped like a corner is to line up the mats for cooking.

These are the silicone mats that you lay on the countertop for the pots to sit on. It doesn’t work without them. They also protect the counter.

I have made numerous things so far. I was pleased to see it gets very hot to sear things like the chops pictured. Here are just a few things.

One thing I don’t like. I boil water for spaghetti or pasta and if I don’t keep the lid on it stops boiling. I also noticed the heat cycles on and off and the water boils then doesn’t, then does. Since I’m not familiar with induction I am not sure this is normal. I have also had sporadic problems with it showing an error when I’m cooking two things at once. I haven’t figured out why. Is it operator error? Is it a defect? Not sure. I guess time will tell.

10 thoughts on “Induction cooking – how I like it

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Louann, yes everywhere they are getting rid of gas. I guess that is good. You’re right the silicon isn’t easy to clean. I’m going to try putting it in the dishwasher 😁

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Excellent Elizabeth! I am sure over time I will get more used to it. It does heat and cool very fast which I like. And it is so easy to clean! Yay!

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Ken, I have also been hearing a lot about toxic fumes. So this is nice

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Sandi, I’m happy I’ve got it I just want it to work how I like! I also like that I can use mine as a counter when not using it. Nice. I always cover a pot to come to a boil but then, for pasta, I take the top off and put the pasta in. Then mine stops boiling. So I put the top back on and it comes to a boil but cycles on and off.

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Sue, well, it is good to know the surges are normal even if I don’t like them. The water comes to a boil fine but once there and I put the pasta in it surges 🤷‍♀️

  6. Louann

    I too, noticed the heat going on and off. I felt like I didn’t have control over the cooking. I also find the silicone mats annoying and not easy to clean. I moved and am back to gas. However, here in Washington State they passed legislation on all new construction to ban natural gas replacing it with electric. They are trying to eliminate gas.

  7. Elizabeth

    I installed an induction cooktop (the old fashioned kind where it looks like black glass with circles on it for the pot) when I remodeled my kitchen 7 years ago and I absolutely love it – even more with time as I have gotten used to it. I now find myself really frustrated by gas when I’ve used it from time to time at friends’ homes. I find the heating to be super fast and really precise, the kitchen gets less smokey, it is so easy to clean, and I worry about fires a lot less. I’d

  8. Ken Bailey

    We’ve used them for years and like them. We also like the fact that we’re not breathing toxic air from a gas top and that we’re less likely to burn down the house. I love the hidden type you have.

  9. Sandi Lane

    Hi Nancy,
    I also thought I’d never give up gas, but about a year and half ago I did. France is making a big push for clean and efficient energy, so we have started converting our old systems to help meet the goal. Here’s how mine is different from what you describe.
    Instead of the push buttons, I have knobs. (I had stayed in a friend’s Paris apt. and he has the push buttons. My arthritic fingers did not do well. Often I had to push many times to get what I wanted. I do love the knobs.
    I constructed my own cover out of a lovely oilcloth tablecloth. It protects from scratches and allows me to use the top of the range for an extra counter.
    Mine is a separate range rather than an inset cook top. And mine does boil without having to cover the pot.
    I am not quite sure I understand what you say about having to cover the top or it won’t cook. Do you mean cover with a pot or pan? That is a safety feature I like. But if you mean some kind of cloth cover, then I don’t understand.

    So congratulations! At our age, it’s hard to convert to newer technologies. So good job!!

  10. Sue Cann

    I’ve cooked with induction for maybe 20+years and wouldn’t have anything else ! I just love the look of it…so sleek and modern. Yours is beautiful ! You definitely shouldn’t be getting an error message when using 2 pans. Yes there is a surge in power on mine too. Can you not use the kettle to boil the water ?.I do this for pasta just to speed things up a bit !

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