It’s a banner day for us!

Luther took his A2 Italian proficiency test week before last and got notification a week later that he had passed! This is our (we hope) last hurdle to comply with our immigration agreement.

Today, we traveled again to the Perugia immigration office. We had copies of our house papers, our Italian health cards and our two A2 test certificates. The young woman there filled out all our forms and printed them out. Next she rubber stamped and rubber stamped dated them all. We went to the head honcho’s office and he signed all the forms, individually! And we were on our way. The top form said:

RE: Outcome of the Immigration Agreement assessment: Certified fulfillment.

The next page indicates we have achieved 34 points on the point system they use here. We needed 30. I’m letting out a big breath of relief. A 2+ year effort! And we didn’t have to take the dreaded Italian Civics class!

9 thoughts on “It’s a banner day for us!

  1. Carlo

    I tried taking a sample A2 test. I failed even after a few months of Pimsleur CDs. Ah well, back to the books. My hat is off to you two!

  2. tghrope

    Congrats Nancy and Luther! I know the drill so well, and I know how good it feels to finally have the letter certifying that you’ve met the requirements. Bravi!

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