L’Arte del Caffè

By day it is a lovely bar just across the street. Quiet. Outside tables. Nice bariste. Since we live here now it’s nice to go there for a caffè or an aperitivo. Now that it is summer we are learning it has another side entirely. Like Doctor Jeckle and Mister Hyde. By night, it is party central. But thankfully, so far, not often. You might want to turn your sound down a tad. 😉

Blessedly it will end around midnight.
An addendum to my last post about the infiorata. Thanks to my friend Doug, who accompanied us, I have an update from my last post from Spello. He tells me that La Schelta (The Choice) my favorite, came in second. The crucifixion one with the extreme perspective came in first. To answer my own question, they use over 1.5 million flowers in the creations. Not sure if that includes artichokes, bay leaves etc.

Buon weekend a tutti!

2 thoughts on “L’Arte del Caffè

  1. Lee Ryan

    Oh my. That racket will probably go on through the summer and into the early fall. There was a darling apartment in Chieti, that I was considering, until I heard the noise from the local bar, at night. It certainly puts you in the middle of things…or it sounds like it, so enjoy!

  2. Matthew Daub

    I was so excited when I saw the title of this post, thinking it was all about a place nearby to get wonderful coffee. OMG, and I thought P. Matteotti was noisy!!!

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