Mega chicken and a full moon…

I asked Luther to go to the butcher and get some things that appealed to him. He came back with a package of the biggest chicken breasts I’ve ever seen! I had to check to be sure they weren’t turkey. But they weren’t. There were eight pairs! So I guess I’ve got to get out my recipes to see how to use them!

One night I woke and looked out to see a beautiful full moon a’rising over Umbertide. So I snapped a picture.

2 thoughts on “Mega chicken and a full moon…

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Mary, since my operation I’ve let it into my life to have luther shop the butcher. Sometimes, though, he brings something weird so be prepared for that!

  2. Mary Rodriguez

    You clever girl, it would never have occurred to me to ask Carlo to do that. I think I will start using that approach. Good luck with the chicken.

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