Permesso issues

I am having internet problems on my MacBook Air which I normally use to update this blog. For some reason it has decided not to see our router. The PC and both iPads are fine so I am having to update with the iPad. It is not as easy as with the Mac.

It has been a couple of days since we went over. I was desperately hoping they would have cleaned it up. I believe they are in the process but it is distressing to see the thick coat of dust on all my things. Sigh. They are carrying debris down in buckets now but not cleaning up yet.

While there we checked the packages that Jimmy brought over from Emanuele’s office. The rugs are there and the wine racks. My exercise bands were there as well as (gasp!) a letter from the post office about the long lost medicines. Yay! So at least we know we will get them once Luther fills out the forms. The two bamboo trays I ordered do not seem to be there yet so I need to look into that.

After that we decided to grab a beer at Bar Mary. In doing so we ran into Jim our realtor who asked us whether we had bought our Porsche. We explained we had not yet gotten our Permesso to allow us to buy a car and he was astounded. He went right into the police station conveniently next to the bar. After much back and forth it was determined that we did indeed NEED our Permesso to buy a car. Jim had thought we could get our residency with only the receipt. Not so. But the good news is that the people on the third floor of the Comune building called and found out our photos were not acceptable to the questura. At least because of the call it alerted them that we we here and still waiting. They should be calling us about getting new pictures. That said we have no idea whether we have to wait another two months or more(!) hope not. This not being able to buy a car thing is getting VERY expensive.