More Pictures of La Casa

Funny thing we noticed about Italians. They won’t call an apartment an apartment. It is la casa. I am not sure why. I always thought that was house. I guess technically it is. It also means home. Maybe that is why.

Several people have asked for more pictures. I am posting some below. They just don’t really give the feel of the place. Mainly the big living area with soaring ceiling. I just couldn’t get that in a picture.


This is the room from which you enter the kitchen. I think it would make a splendid kitchen. I’d put the cabinets where the long metal cabinet is. I’d like the floor to be tiles. I’d keep the table in here.


See back on the right side? That is the arched entry through a 3 foot thick wall into the tiny kitchen. The entry to the terrace is next to it.


This is the kitchen.


This is the closed up fireplace in the same room. I think it could be prettied up and opened.


This is the big picture window in the dining end of the living room space.


This is the pellet stove in the living space.


Entry up stairs. Down at the bottom is the front door. Ownership starts there. Notice the closet to the left. Closets are very unusual in Italy.


Arched entry into living room space from entry hall.


Master bedroom


Living room. Sofa end opposite picture window dining area.

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