New kitchen comes next week!

This week, other than getting the pre-op testing for my intervento next Thursday, has been all about the new kitchen. I have visited the falegname (cabinetmaker) twice. First to double check the color they painted the cabinets, and today I viewed my absolutely spettacolo isola (island). The cabinets are painted a very light sage color. The island, the shelves behind the counter and the wine rack will be wood.

The island is enormous. It is not wide because of the room we had, but it is long. It will be a beautiful piece of furniture. Here is a picture of the working side. The side that faces the cabinets on the wall. There are two deep drawers. One has an inside smaller drawer for cutlery and tools. There is a big space for trash cans because we have many due to recycling. And a smaller side cabinet with shelves.

This next one is the front side facing out into the room. It will have shelves for books and things.

This is the interior drawer for cutlery and tools. You pull the big drawer out and the smaller drawer is spring loaded to pop out inside.

Picking the color for the wood was really hard. I liked the lighter color, but thought the darker one was better for the whole kitchen and the room. I hope it looks ok!

Nicoletti is the name of the faligname. They are very busy. Known all over Europe they make cabinets and furniture for people in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK among others. The quality can’t be beat. Every single piece is fully hand made. I was told they cannot fill the positions they have open for craftsmen. They advertise all over Europe. They offer competitive salaries and don’t even require experience. They will train the new people in the trade. Seems, with the high unemployment here this would be a very attractive deal. But they still can’t fill the spots. This is a shot of the big working area. I watched them cutting the wood for the island on Tuesday with that big table saw. Cool.

A la prossima!

12 thoughts on “New kitchen comes next week!

  1. Rosemarie Lentini

    That will be beautiful! I remember how excited I was when we lived in Panama and had a low bench with shelves etc made for us.

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Matt, I just saw that about the earthquake. I well remember the 5.8 one we had in 2011 I think it was. Really looking forward to have the whole kitchen put together. 😁

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Tom and Eileen! I think they look great too! Can’t wait for it all to go together.

  4. Matthew Daub

    Hi Nancy – Your kitchen will be beautiful! IMO, you can’t have too much countertop space. We also have a large island with a rangetop in it. It’s great to have stone on either side of the stove so you can slide hot pans onto it. BTW, we just had a 4.8 earthquake in NJ about 60 miles or so from us. You would’ve felt it down in VA.

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Carlo, the cooktop will be on the island. I’m getting induction this time. It will be part of the countertop so it will be nearly invisible. When not in use the countertop will be fully usable as a surface.

  6. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Andrea, I have an architect who helped with that but I’m betting they will also do it. The cabinet maker is Nicoletti and is here in Umbertide. They do excellent work.

  7. Carlo

    The kitchen island is coming along nicely and will be beautiful. Will the sink or stovetop be in the island or not?

  8. Andrea Hong

    Hi Nancy we live in todi And would like to redo kitchen. Who did the cabinets? Do they help pick out design for space and appliances?

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