New kitchen – post 2

After a weekend break the plumber returned to do what plumbers do…they plumb. 🙂 Well in this case he ran the pipes in a trench in the floor over to the outside wall where the Caldaia will be installed outside. And the plumbing for the sink. It was somewhat noisy when he was drilling out the cement in a wall. He did a very tidy job. There are some miscellaneous pipes I am not sure about. I imagine one is gas. He also has to run pipes for the sink and dishwasher. That is the place where there is a trench in the wall. Captions under pictures.

From the stairway
From the terrace
I have no idea what this pipe is.
Sink and dishwasher trench
Very tidy pipes for the caldaia. Each one goes to a radiator or a sink.

I roasted a chicken for dinner one night and then I used the half chicken left over to make a chicken chowder. I like a good chowder. It had lots of good things in it. It was cooked in milk and broth. It had corn and potatoes. I think those four things to me say chowder. There were chipotle peppers and adobo in it. Along with other herbs and spices and cooked pepper and onions. Garnished with cilantro and spring onions, it is really comfort food.

Just think…sometime in the not too distant future I will be cooking things like this in my newly designed and installed kitchen! 🙂

6 thoughts on “New kitchen – post 2

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Matt, we put up signs in our lobby and on the adjacent building apologizing for the noise in advance. It kind of goes with living in an apartment building. Sound carries. At least our noise shouldn’t be long.

  2. Matthew Daub

    Great progress! I’ll bet your neighbors are all hating you by now 😉 with all the jackhammering. The green material is just a flexible insulation they’re using to keep the copper lines from losing too much heat. As usual, your chowder looks delicious! I saved your sausage and fennel recipe from a while ago and will be making it tonight.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I was surprised how neat it looked Lindsay. I hope it’s a good sign! Crossing fingers!

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks John. Yes, the pipe is inside the hose. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I hate projects like this. So messy. But you’re right, it will be pretty soon.

  5. Lindsay

    Now that’s some impressive pipe work and as you say it’s looking very neat.
    I think that’s a good sign, the chowder looks good too!

  6. John Best

    He is using garden hose as a sort of protective layer? Might be perfectly fine, the best practice, I have no clue. But just ask him what the odd pipe is. And I would keep taking pictures just in case you need to know where the pipes are in the future.

    In any case, hang in there Nancy! It’s a white knuckle ride if there is one. It will be beautiful soon.

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