New kitchen – post 9

Today they pretty much finished the space which will now wait for the cabinets and appliances. There are some covers that need to be made to go over the electric and plumbing. But the walls and ceiling are done and have been painted. The floor is laid and grouted and the terrace has been rid of all the trash and built up detritus. There is still a ton of dust that needs to be cleaned up but I will do that a little at a time. I can finally access the upstairs internally again. I am pleased with it.

From the door to the stairwell.
From the stairs
From the terrazzo

Over the weekend we had lunch to celebrate our friend Doug’s successful passing of the extremely difficult written driving test. I’ve spoken of this before. The test is in Italian, technical Italian, and draws 30 questions from over 7,000 possible questions. You can miss 3 and pass. All Americans, and Canadians (I think) must take this test within a year of becoming a resident in Italy. After a year it is illegal to drive on your US license. I’ve got lots of friends here and every one of them has passed despite not necessarily being fluent in Italian. It takes months of study, you must enroll in a driving school and really it is a matter of memorization. Anyway, it was a special day for Doug and five of us had lunch in Bevagna. It was sunny but chilly. First picture is of an early flowering tree in front of one of Bevagna’s gates.

Lunch was at le Delizie del Borgo which is situated just outside the walls of the city in a pretty park. Captions beneath the photos.

Steak with fennel and pomegranate
Passito – after lunch drink
Doug’s dessert. No idea what it was but it looked great!
They have cute coffee cups with hats! Keeps the coffee nice and hot.

Then, we lucked into (not) another parade past our house. I was just taking a nap and was roused by the pounding bass from enormous speakers. I have no idea what the occasion was but I took one photo.

You can’t say Umbertide is not a happenin’ place!

10 thoughts on “New kitchen – post 9

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Lindsay, Yes! It is what I hoped for. I love the kitchen open to the living area and just next to the terrazzo. Lots of room. I want to have an open house when it is finished. 🙂

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Believe me Liz, if there had been ANY way to install an elevator we would have. There were apartments under us so couldn’t go through them. The stairway couldn’t accommodate one and there was no way outside. Sigh. I miss it. The boys were kept out. The noise didn’t seem to bother them at all. Today I let them back up. They were so excited! 😁

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Carlo, don’t ask me why a Trojan horse. those two black things in the front were mega speakers. Ugh!

  4. Lindsay

    Now that’s an impressive space. Once it’s fitted out you can imagine how convivial it will be, great for entertaining.

  5. Carlo

    I believe Bevagna is where the couple that owned the now closed Via Umbria shop and deli in Georgetown (D.C.) had or have a fattoria they both use and rent out.

  6. liz

    How are the boyz handling all this? Looks like soooo much work. You will be so happy to have it done. At one point, I was thinking that it might have been easier to install an elevator in your original place…lol. Soon you will be cooking up a storm; after you decide which kitchen to use.

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