Now for something less cheerful

As some of you know, my initial operation in January 2018 to replace my knee was less than successful. In April of this year I consulted with a new doctor, Dottore del Citerna. I had met him twice previously in consults about both my knee and hip. If I had understood the system better he would have been my initial doctor. But I did not understand. I had thought I must go to an in-system doctor. So I chose Dottore Trinchese. He practices at Silvestrini hospital, the big university medical center in Perugia. It is where my first surgery was done. When I chose him I did take time to get recommendations and looked up his reviews.

I don’t really fault Dottore Trinchese with anything. The knee was problematic before the surgery. I DO fault him with not admitting there was something wrong when I went for a checkup six months after the surgery. I knew there was something wrong! He said not. So I kept on. Eventually it got worse, not better. So that’s when I turned once again to Dottore del Citerna. He examined me and he thinks it is the ligaments and muscles which are not holding the kneecap securely. But he won’t know for sure until he does the surgery.

So that’s the back story. My surgery is scheduled for September 27. I am now lasered in on it. All this spring and summer I’ve concentrated on the 3 major trips I had planned. I had put the surgery off until after them. Now, nothing stands between me and it. 😳 There are some differences this time. First, my doctor is private. Second, the hospital is different. It is smaller and part of it is private. I am still on the Italian Health care system so it will cost nothing. I hope this means the hospital experience will be better than the big, busy University hospital. I guess we will see.

Last week I went in for my pre-op tests. It took six hours! Everyone was very nice but there were interminable waits between each procedure. The hospital is called Casa di Cura Liotti. It is rather dreary and right in the busy middle of Perugia.

I was waiting in one of the waiting areas and saw my doctor arrive. He came back through again on his phone. The next time he came over to me and asked me if I was pronta? Or are you ready? I said no, not really. But I was impressed that he recognized me after seven months and spoke to me. I don’t think that would have happened in the US.

Now I have to pack for my ordeal. Next post about what I’m taking 🙂.

12 thoughts on “Now for something less cheerful

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Linda. Sorry I’ll miss you. enjoy the fun of getting a fun place to live!
    For your phone. I found out you can go to any phone/electronics store and buy a SIM card with voice and data on it. Pay for it with cash. They don’t accept American credit cards. Make sure your phone is unlocked before you come. And just insert the SIM and you’re good to go. N

  2. Linda

    Good evening Nancy,
    I am sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery for your knee. My prayers and thoughts for a speedy recovery for you.

    Evan and I will be in Umbertide next week to close on our apartment in Molino Vitelli. I have one question to ask, what wireless phone service would you recommend using? Our Verizon plan covers Europe but is expensive on a daily basis.

    Kind regards,
    Linda and Evan

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I know you do understand! I’m happy to hear you are recuperating well. I hope for the same for me! I hope to be in the rehab facility near our apartment so, if I feel up to it, I can visit my boyz. I will miss them!

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Melissa! Good thoughts are always welcome! 🙂 crossing my fingers for a good (and not too ha d!) recovery!

  5. liz kessell

    Awwww…I know you are dreading it. Never fun being in a hospital and having pain. I totally understand, now that I am recovering from broken elbow and pelvis. Concentrate on the end result and make sure you pack some wine. If they don’t give you pain killers you can at least have some wine. Have pics of the boyz around to make you smile. They make us smile every day. We will be thinking about you.

  6. royane mosley

    gosh. good posting for us Nancy. You know we will all be thinking a good outcome from this second surgery. sending you another email.

  7. Melissa Robertson

    Best of luck with the surgery , Nancy. Will be thinking of you on the 27th. Second time’s the charm!

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