One week home

Well, I’ve been home a little over a week. It’s been good. I had most of the week free. I shopped at the market Saturday and Wednesday. I met up with friends for caffè. I had a Campari spritz with Luther in the piazza and walked to our new, very sleek and glitzy pizzeria very nearby named FOXX. I pronounce the pizza first class.

Monday I went to Prosperous to make an appointment with the doctor for PT. I saw him Friday and liked him. He admonished me to keep using my crutches. So I will. I’m set up for PT Monday-Wednesday-Friday ongoing – start Monday (tomorrow).

Saturday I went back to Perugia and my doctor removed my punti, staples. I thought I’d be happier but actually my knee hurts more. But I also went to the grocery store and our special butcher so maybe that’s why it’s more painful…

Pictures  near our butcher in Bosco. I’ve always loved these views. More soon!

4 thoughts on “One week home

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I’ve driven past that spot many times without a camera. This time I asked Luther to stop befor we even got to the road. Finally I got my pictures.

  2. Carlo Rodriguez

    Your two photos of the country side near Bosco are postcard perfect, especially the one with the casale. That’s where I want to live!

  3. Carlo Rodriguez

    Ristorante FOXX looks like it’s in the same type of space as that very first restaurant you took us to across the bridge in Umbertide, the one with the big, open patio in back (not wine one that’s also a wine shop.

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