Pretty day for a walk on the river

So, it seems the weather is slowly warming. We had a 60 degree day recently and the ENTIRE town was out walking and enjoying the sun. I decided to join them.

The townsfolk. The Nonni and all the grand babies in strollers were everywhere.

Clear blue skies with the town reflected in the river.

A price of winter

The winter fields, ready for planting.

Walls again.

Winter market is sparser but still has what you need.

My lemon tree has been very prolific this year. I counted 23 lemons on it! For January I brought it inside to the guest room where there is some sun and the heat is turned off. It likes it cold, but not freezing. Now that it’s nearly March it is back outside. I have to keep a close watch on the nighttime temperatures and cover it if it is supposed to freeze.

2 thoughts on “Pretty day for a walk on the river

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I’ve always dreamed of having a lemon tree so the first summer here I bought this one and repotted it. I feed it pretty regularly. In spring, when it blooms, you wouldn’t believe the sweet fragrance from the flowers. And when the new leaves come out they smell lemony. You just have to make sure it doesn’t stay out in a freeze. It sure creates an amazing amount of lemons for its size!

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