A thing I struggle with here is my small Italian refrigerator. It stands tall but is narrow. And the freezer has three drawers which limit its capacity. The top is also small necessitating constant juggling. I’d guess it is about the size of half of a big French door frig in the US. I should also mention my refrigerator is considered a large one here 😳 !

Here is my frig.

But I now have a wonderful, very large refrigerator! I can fit just about anything I want in it. Very commodious. The only issue is, it is a temporary refrigerator. Sadly, I cannot use it all the time.

Here is my large refrigerator! And I am not alone. Everyone has one of these! 😀

Buona domenica a tutti!

6 thoughts on “Refrigerators

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    People shop more often, so I guess fresh is available is the answer. Also kitchens are smaller. I’m a cook so I’ve got a lot of jars and homemade relishes etc in there. Always a jumble. Worse when we have company.

  2. Nancy

    lol. Your new refrigerator is beautiful! Is the small refrigerator an energy thing or a “fresh food is always available “ thing?

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