Rehab – Day four

Il Capo Dottore came by as usual this morning. He speaks good English. He’s married to an American woman from San Diego. He confessed he was unhappy that she is a die hard trump supporter. I’ll say no more. I relayed that Luther went to Prosperious and they told him they would call the hospital here and arrange for my discharge. One guy said it probably wouldn’t happen until Saturday. I guess it doesn’t matter since I’m getting PT here. And I’ve told Luther to stay home until I’m discharged since I don’t need anything. No sense in making him drive all the way down here.

PT today was a hoot. The PT therapist had about 11 of us there. The lady next to me began to give him (he looks to be late 30s) her recipe for a chicken dish. I was thinking, only in Italy. He was noting it down while we were warming up. So he asked l’Americana for a recipe. I had just been talking about cooking Mexican, Thai, Indian so I decided to give him my Chicken Fajitas recipe. It is simple enough and doesn’t require a lot of strange ingredients. He was happy.

My roommate, Francesca was slated to leave after PT today. But just before she was coming they realized they had never removed the staples in her incision. So she stayed and I went up to PT. I was afraid she’d be gone and I wouldn’t be able to say goodbye…and I was right. She was gone when I came back. So sorry. She and her family were lovely. Her son would cut her meat, open the bags with the utensils and the Grana Padano bag for her soup or pasta, and peel her fruit. Sweet, taking care of la mamma. I’ll miss Francesca, we were truly the odd couple!


Lunch was good today. Risotto with asparagus, and turkey polpette or turkey meatballs with tomato sauce and peas. Kiwi for dolce.

Once I do the second PT, which is after lunch sometime, then it is mighty boring. I’m sure it’s why they do the passaggiata everyday, get themselves out of their rooms! The evening stretches on endlessly. Sigh.

6 thoughts on “Rehab – Day four

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi John, well Germany is a great place too! We enjoyed living there. When do you leave? Should be a nice time of year. And I understand about dreams. When we are young we never think we will run out of time. Then something happens, and we can see those goalposts up ahead. And we realize our limited time. So do your grand bash and enjoy it. I’m happy you’re enjoying my life but right now it is constrained to this hospital!

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hmmm. I already have the Vespa club shirt 🧐 maybe a Vespa is next! I’m very happy because it’s been a long time since I was my active self. I’m looking forward to it! Thanks for dropping 8n Rodney!

  3. John G Bleazard

    Nancy, I have been following your posts about your knee, as well as earlier ones about all your activities. It is really a lot of fun reading about your adventures. I am off to your old stomping grounds, Germany, for three and a half weeks. Hope to do my grand finale trip to Italy and Switzerland in a couple of years. In the meantime I will look forward to reading all about your wonderful life in Italy. Wish I had looked earlier and closer into relocating there. It was a life-long dream, and it will remain a dream. I will get by with one more, long stay, and that will be that.

  4. Rodney

    You’ve been through it haven’t you? You’re a tough person! So glad things are working out better this time. For your therapy/ rehab when you get home, I recommend a Vespa! Maybe for Christmas.

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