Today is Saturday. There is only a half day of therapy today, and none tomorrow. I have NO idea how I’ll amuse myself for a whole day here.

This morning after raising all sorts of ruckus yesterday, I had il Capo Dottore, his name is Berrettini. I finally put my glasses on so I could see his name tag. And also both of the Dottore Del Citernas father and son. Turns out there is no way I can transfer between facilities within the same Region. I wish I had just known that at first. Che casino as they say here, which means, what a mess! I can check myself out at anytime though. And if I want I can go to Prosperious as an out patient, walking over for daily sessions. I think I’ll have to pay for them if I don’t want to wait for the system to find a place. That’s OK. I told il Capo I would like to be released on Friday. Just a week, which I can handle. So, the saga ends. Italia – 1 Hamptons – 0

This morning I was a bad girl. I went to ginastico and they put us in the room with 7 beds. And instructed us to point our toes up and down. Well I did that for a long time. Quit and waited. Finally someone came back and put a big rubber roll under our knees and we were instructed to do leg lifts. So I did about a bazillion of those. Finally I quit. I sat and waited maybe 15 minutes and then I got disgusted. It was such a waste of time. So I left. On the way down the hall I met an employee on the phone. He got excited I was going on my own. But I told him I was perfectly capable of going down an elevator on my own. They insist on escorting us for some reason. He asked me to wait and I did. Then our PT guy, that I had waited so long for, came out of the elevator. I said finito, and he asked if I wanted to go down on my own. I said si. And went back to my room. I wonder if there will be any repercussions from me doing this. I hate to wait and hate to waste my time. Bad l’Americana!!
Today’s lunch was good enough. Bow tie pasta with ragu, chicken cutlet and peas. Pear for dessert. I put hot sauce on the chicken 😋

This next week will be more of the same so you won’t hear much from me til I’m sprung outa this joint. Except for any interesting observations or decent or interesting meals. Thanks for following along so far. Ciao!

4 thoughts on “Sabato

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Carlo,
    Yes I’ve joked that it is both my lezione Italiano e mio ginastico! I really have to try to speak here. So it is somewhat an immersion class. And the food’s not bad. I’m glad I brought my little “fix it” kit.
    I’ve given up on the transfer. It seems it is not possible. Since I’m more than halfway through I figured it would be best to give up and stay here. I may go to Prosperious for outpatient PT after I get home. Can’t wait, I miss my kitties!
    Thanks for checking in.

  2. Carlo Rodriguez

    I’m glad to hear it all seems to be going well from the surgery itself, to the healing process, the physical therapy, and the food! The pictures remind me of some of the everyday dishes my Nonna used to make — five times a day for her visiting nipoti. It occurred to me, too, that being among Italian patients, doctors, nurses and others for days on end would be like complete immersion language school. What a nice silver lining! (I wonder how to say that in Italian?!)

    Hope your transfer works out. Take care, –CARLO

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Liz and Mark! I really miss my boys! But Luther is doing a good job caring for them in my stead. Can’t wait until I’m home. Someone else commented to me, the Italians never admit to not knowing something. So I guess this was the case here.

  4. Liz

    Your post gave me a chuckle. It would not be Italy if there was no ‘confusion’. One would think they would ALL know that there was no changing facilities. LOL. Certainly sounds like you are very well on the way to recovery. Soon you will be home with Luther and the boyz and some good food and some wine. Yay! Sending healing vibes…Liz and Mark.

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