Saturday lunch and…

Yesterday we got our car washed! OK mundane unless you live in another country. There are two ways to do it. You can wash it yourself (sponges, soap squirter provided) or you can have their cool machine do it.

We opted for the machine. It is like a car wash that moves up and down your car rather than your car being pulled through it. It takes up much less room. You park your car and put the money in and there is an arch with brushes, water squirting or air as the process moves forward. It was pretty interesting to watch.

Today is Saturday and we had lunch at Villa San Donino in Citta di Castllo. Actually out in the country. Beautiful venue. Tents and pretty table cloth covered tables and all the chairs covered with bows tied around them. Susan said they do a lot of weddings. It would be lovely for that. It is also a hotel with a big pool. Pictures of the main building which is a church in the back and the beautiful, cypress lined, very long driveway up to the church.



I was so pleased with my choices of food. I did not get too full but was not hungry. My first course was Tagliatella arugula (green) with vegetables from their garden. Here is a picture.


Luther got a mostly meat plate. It was huge.


My entry was veal with black truffles and potatoes. SO good. Perfectly cooked and not too much. And YES those are all shaved summer black truffles.


Here is our favorite lunch wine choice from Tuscany. It was lovely and light. We all loved it.


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