So, you decided to move to Italy…

I just put up a page, accessible from the top navigation, with a summary of information about moving and living in Italy. It is called “So you’ve decided to move to Italy”. I will constantly update it with things I learn that I think will be useful. Go to the page here.

4 thoughts on “So, you decided to move to Italy…

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Sara, congratulations on moving to Italy. We moved from Alexandria VA. You remind me I should do a blog about adapters here. It is hilarious. I brought a BUNCH of adapters before we came. The multi ones that accept american plugs (and other ones) and have either 2 or 3 round prongs like they use here. Even so, you will find you need to purchase adapters here for many appliances you will need to buy when you arrive. Italy has not standardized its outlets. So for things that pull more power we have to get plastic adapters at the local electronic store for say, my iron, my vacuum etc. That all said, I don’ recommend bringing a lot of electrical things here. Lamps work ok, but need new bulbs and plug adapters. We brought our computers/Ipads which adapt to any current. Also a DVD multi-system. Otherwise I did not bring anything. I bought all my kitchen electronics here. We bought our TV, stereo, here. There is not only current differences which some things, like computers, adapt to but there is also the cycles per second are 50 here as opposed to 60 there so anything with a motor is affected. Thanks for this question. I think I’ll do a blog!

  2. Sara Jay

    Hello Nancy, Great blog with useful info!! My husband and I are moving to Italy next month from Washington DC. We are bringing a few electrical stuff. I know there is a difference in wattage. Would you please give me a list of adapters/converters/plugs etc. etc. to purchase and ship with the goods. Thank you

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Yay for you! Really?! About USAA? They always told me exactly how much they would charge me. There were two fees, one for them and one for the bank in NY they work through. The exchange rate always seemed about what I’d expect. I may have to amend my post to add Transferwise. Others have lauded them. Thanks.

  4. Raymond Setzer

    Excellent post. We just had out application for elective visa approved. Yaaaay. In purchasing our house, we had the final transfer via USAA, they don’t reveal their rate up front. We found out after that Transferwise would have been about $500 cheaper on our transfer.

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