Trip to Perugia

Today we paid our electric bill and then went to Perugia to try to get our Codice Fiscale cards. We have the number that they gave us at the Embassy in DC but they also are supposed to give you little plastic cards which we did not get. Paying our bill was a new experience but turned out to be pretty easy. We just took it to our bank, wrote our account # on it and signed it and the bank paid it.

We took the Graffiti Train to Perugia.


We walked from the station to the official building. It was all downhill. We took a number and waited.


After about half an hour we got called. We went in to window 10. The lady there was very, very nice. We didn’t really have all we needed like copies of our passport etc. or the form filled out. She could have chucked us out but I think because Luther spoke to her in his best Italian she was charmed. Old guys speaking bad Italian are always charming! So she helped us out and we should get our cards in the mail.

Now it was time for lunch. We decided to walk back up to the top and get on the scala mobile (escalators that run underground through town). It was a hike. We found a restaurant that we had eaten at back in January. I had pasta with lemon and mint. Luther had a pizza.



So that was all the good part. Now for the not so good. I got us lost and we missed our train! I guess that wouldn’t have been so bad but for the fact that the next one was an hour and a half later. So we sat in the waiting room. The only good thing was there were some books in English. Sort of a trading library type thing. So I picked one up.



When we got back we found there was a flea market going on in town. It lasted long into the night with very loud music. They played the background music and the people in the group sang to it. Sort of like Karaoki.


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