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We continue to struggle here in many ways. But we also are doing well in other ways.

In the newspaper it is intimated that Umbria was doing so well with the new case numbers and hospitalizations that at the end of April, when the re-assessment takes place for May, we may go….drum roll…Bianca!! This means, everything opens up to us. BUT, I will believe this when I see it…I, for one, will be happy with a Yellow zone. Then I can sit in the piazza and have a spritz or a caffe. Or go to an actual lunch in an actual restaurant! Wow. Or we can drive to another part of Umbria to do a wine tasting. Or just to tour around. It is so amazingly freeing and it is also amazing how little it takes, after being locked down for so long, to thrill me.

On the vaccine front, good news. Three of my friends were called by their doctor today to come tomorrow for shots. AstraZenica. They are going by birthday and these are all around 75. Also, our friend and Italian teacher Marilena told us that her Mom got called by her doctor to come in. Her Mom is 79. She got AstraZenica. Her Dad, a bit younger but with asthma, will get Pfizer. But he has to go to the hospital whereas her Mom went to the doctor. Another small piece of information for us. I guess the info we got that our doctor would call us is correct. So we wait.
I am not bragging when I say I am the queen of bolognese sauce. They say there isn’t really a bolognese sauce as such. It is true, there is no one recipe. And there are many arguments. Even in Bologna, where it is said to have originated. Over the years I’ve chosen my favorite and I make it often. I make a big batch and freeze portions for quick dinners. The recipe is simple. Only a diced carrot, a couple cloves of garlic, ground beef, a 15 ounce can of tomatoes and milk.

Italiano phrase — “inizia una nuova settimana”. In English — “a new week begins”. Pronounced — in-eat-zee-ah une-ah new-oh-va set-tee-mah-nah.
Stay safe everyone. 🌈

16 thoughts on “What’s next

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    That is all good news for you two! I’m happy for you. We hope it will soon be our turns. We had two friends go last night for their shots, one had an appointment – he is older. Turns out, there had been no-shows and so his, younger, partner got the shot too, without an appointment. It’s all good…🤞🤞💕

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Oh Dave! That sounds so nice. Meeting up with friends and sharing a meal. Simple pleasures…💕🥲

  3. Phil

    My partner and I have both obtained appointments online. The rules governing the system seem to change every day. I was vaccinated on Saturday but I read on the ASL today that I could not obtain a jab now. The doctor told me I would be getting it in May or June. I went onto the system today and first it said no appointments and then it came up with many for my partner (at risk category). A bit like a lucky dip.

  4. Dave

    Hopefully things get better in Italy and Europe in general. Wife and I are both vaxed up. As soon as some close friends are as well, we’ll meet up for dinner. They’ll make the pasta, I’ll make the sauce. Not a Bolognese, will leave that to the Queen, but will be delicious. So looking forward to meeting up with friends.

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hey Tony, I guess I will post it if you’d like…but remember…it is not a definitive recipe…nor is there an ACTUAL definitive recipe…

  6. Tony Melançon

    Fingers crossed they speed things up on the vaccine front for Italy. I know, it’s a big wish but I’m still hopeful that most of Europe gets it’s act together and rolls out more every day.

    That bolognese looks divine! Are you going to post your recipe? (please!)

  7. Nancy Hampton Post author

    We have been trying but no one I know has managed to use the CUP page successfully. I’m sure our doctor will call when it’s our turn. Our birth years are still a ways away. We figure maybe next week. I reached out a month or so ago and she said she would.

  8. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I’ll email you Liz. That’s a long time to wait. I’m sorry to hear things are so locked down there. As you know, so are we. It I’m hoping for Zona Gialla soon. N xxx

  9. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Buongiorno Candace, Orvieto and Montefalco are two of our favorites and quite different from one another. Which did you like best? Is your blog still available? I’d love to see it. I loved Seattle so I’m sure I’d love Gig Harbor. I hope everything is back to normal next year for your planned trip. I think it would be. It has been devastating for the restaurants, bars and hotels and I wonder how many will be back. My email is on the Contact page on this blog. Let me know when you’ll be nearby.

  10. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Kevin…that’s so bad I shouldn’t approve it….but I will 🤣😂😅

  11. Joseph Roveto

    Happy to refer to you from now on “the queen of bolognese sauce “, but not until I’ve had a taste!

  12. Phil

    I would keep trying the CUP Umbria vaccination booking page rather than waiting for your Doctor. They load it with new appointments every working day.

  13. liz kessell

    Looks yummy Nancy. I got my first jab of Pfizer last week. However, here in Canada, we have to wait 4 months (instead of 28 days) before getting the second one. I do not agree with that and I find it worrisome. Cases are really spiking here in Ontario, and we are in lock down and schools closed. Mostly variants. Very depressing….and tiring. I had really hoped to be travelling by the end of the year. Stay well.

  14. Candace Sheehan

    Thank you, Nancy, for always making me smile when I read your blog. We lived in Montefalco and Orvieto for a year and a half about 12 years ago and I miss Umbria every day! I love reading about Umbertide, which we visited and ate lunch in and found it to be such an interesting town. We are planning a long visit next year and it would be Fabulous to meet up with you when we come for our 2-3 month visit…hopefully COVID will be gone or at least at bay by then. We both have had our vaccinations back in January in the US. We live in a great community called Gig Harbor in the Pacific Northwest – across the bridge from Tacoma.

    We loved our time in Umbria and I too wrote a blog and my husband, John, took photos so we posted our travels with our photos every couple of week…mostly for family and friends but was asked to write about our life in Umbria when we returned, which I did with pleasure.

    I look forward to you getting vaccinated, getting to go places, and hopefully meeting you too.

    Ciao e ci vediamo dopo,

  15. Kevin De Angelis

    You’re the queen of bolognese sauce, and that’s no baloney!

    Sorry…but someone had to say it. 😊🇮🇹

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