Nearly done!

So today we got the countertop. The plumber finished his work. And the electrician sort of finished. He still has several things to finish. He will be the last man standing.

The counter people were extremely proud of their counter with its embedded cooktop. We got a pot of water boiling and discussed the way the controls work. Pictures to come in another post. Here are pictures from today with captions.

Countertop on truck
Elevator thingy
Working the counter and plumbing
Workers are gone. Still electric things to go but mostly done.
Luther called the island Greenland 🙂
Wine cooler has 2 temperatures, one for white, one for red.

Tonight I cooked dinner up here. But not in the kitchen. I had marinated a flank steak and cooked it on the outside fireplace. But I had to stay nearby to tend the fire to get it hot so I stayed upstairs for the first time. I found it very comfortable. I love the sofa. Here is a view of the kitchen from the sofa. Loving it. Finally a relaxing moment. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Nearly done!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Lindsay, so many kitchens here are super sleek and modern. My last one was even more so. You’re right, the wood warms it. I wanted the island to be wood so it was more a piece of furniture than a kitchen island. To sort of connect it to the room. There was already a lot of wood in the room.

  2. Lindsay

    Well, this is exciting, everything is shaping up so well. It looks contemporary but warm as well, the wood adds a lovely texture contrasting with the sleek units.
    Worth waiting for, I’d say, I’m already lusting after the wine cooler.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Catherine, yes, I am lucky! But it will probably be my last kitchen build so I figured . . . Go for it!! So I did!

  4. Catherine Rowley

    WOW – all the bells and whistles!! ‘Greenland’ is pretty fabulous. What a nice reward for having got thru the ‘intervento’….I smiled at the wine fridge options…your passion for cooking will be heightened with this new, fresh and expansive setting. Pretty posh, lucky you!!

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Rosemarie! Glad you approve! I do love to cook so this was for me and only ME! 🙂 sometimes you’ve got to endure yourself! Right? 💕

  6. Rosemarie Lentini

    What a gorgeous place you live in ! I hate to cook but In that setting I might change my mind! 🎊🥰🤗💜

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