2nd vaccination!

Finally, after a very long wait we got our second vaccination. AstraZenica works better with the second shot around 3 months later. So now we just wait two weeks and we can feel moderately protected. We have a paper copy of proof of vaccine, but with that we can get the EU Green Pass. Some countries (France) are now requiring the Green Pass to be able to go to a restaurant. I’m not sure how the CDC proof of vaccine will work for this. I would hope if one can get into Italy with it, one could dine in a restaurant. But that hasn’t been decided yet. And I did hear Italy will be implementing this.

The Delta variant is very prevalent in Italy. I read today the cases are really jumping here in Italy. 26% higher here in Umbria from last week, but 90% more in Lazio, 60% more in Tuscany, Lombardia and Liguria are soaring too. In the space of a week. Almost all cases are unvaccinated younger to middle age people. I knew this would happen with all this partying, no spacing, no masks. Sadly, all our hard work is going down the toilet.
On a more cheerful note…a long time wish to make Ceviche tonight came true. A couple weeks ago I got two nice sea bass, sushi grade, from my friends at Calagrana. Tonight I made Ceviche. It was refreshing, cool, and totally yum.

Ciao for now!

6 thoughts on “2nd vaccination!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Casey, excellent idea! Wish it could be so. I’m sorry for your change of plans (again). I am pretty worried about the fall. But I guess we have to wait and see.

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Jed, Those stats came from Corriere della Sera yesterday. By soaring I mean from one week’s new case numbers to the next. More of a change in infection rate which was going up fast in many places. And mostly young people. Because they are partying and not vaccinated.
    We didn’t have a choice. It was AstraZenica all the way for us. But that’s OK. It will be good enough.

  3. Casey Carter

    Need to find a way to create beer and wine with the vaccine in it. Keep us posted as next year Italy is on our list for third time.

  4. Jed

    Yes, troubling stats. I’m interested in your source for cases “soaring” in Liguria. Yesterday new infections here were 17 people.
    I’m due for my second vaccine (AZ) next week but I’m asking for Pfizer, following Draghi’s example. Germany has been embracing the “mix” based on early data of an even stronger immune response.

  5. Matthew Daub

    Hi Nancy – We LOVE ceviche! Now’s my turn to make you jealous! We’ve been eating the most delicious sweet corn here in PA for many weeks. Believe it or not, the supermarket has been trucking it up from Georgia and it’s been better than anything we had from the local farm stands last year.

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