474 Kilometers northward!

We got up and had breakfast with Michelle and Paul who are taking care of the cats and house for us. We left around 10 AM. It was a beautiful day for our first road trip. We had no issues on the trip. We had decided to break up the long drive to Austria with this one night stop in Udine in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Italy. It is the most northeast province with the Adriatic sea to the east and the Dolomite mountains and the Carnic Alps to the north and west. They are spectacular mountains.

Our hotel, the Allegria, is in the Centro within easy walking distance of the sights. We had hoped to eat dinner in our hotel which has a well thought of restaurant but they are closed on Sunday evening, as are a lot of other ones. We did a little research and decided on Pepata di Corte, a seafood restaurant.

We went out to stretch our legs and take in the sights. This is the original hospital built in 1794. It is wonderfully preserved with beautiful stone work.


The Duomo.

A beautiful public garden.

Magnificent and strange flowers in the garden

The Baptistry.

Quirky space which looks to be a venue for outside concerts etc.

This picture isn’t too good but I wanted to get the myriad cafes circling the square. Methinks this is a party town but certainly not on a Sunday afternoon!

Pretty side street. There were a lot of these. Udine is a nice place.DSC04436

Tomorrow, onward to the Austrian wine region for three nights.

3 thoughts on “474 Kilometers northward!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Ps great about the cat care! Always wanting to take good care of the kids!

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Actually I am. I lived in Germany for almost six years and never got used to it. I think we all think when we see, say 20 degrees here in our mind 68 degrees. At least I do but I am coming to thinking of this of in terms of comfort levels in temperatures which is what I think we do in farenheit instinctively. Kilometers are altogether different, I always have to convert by .6 to get to miles which I can relate to. Maybe in a while it will get easier. I already know when seeing a sign that says say, 20 kilometers it’s lots nearer than 20 miles.

  3. jencvt2002

    Nice photos – I particularly like the last one. Are you getting used to the metric system? I had to do that mental conversion of kilometers to miles to figure out how far you traveled. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do temps quickly, though! If I ever get there, I can be your back up for cat care. 🙂

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