A few more pictures

I went for a walk this evening. It is really warm here. Very much indian summer if that’s possible here.


I explored a couple of roads near the river and found an amazing feral cat shelter and feeding station. They have built little houses for them and hung tarps over them and the feeding station to keep them dry. So cute. I am guessing they are not being neutered unfortunately.


On the way back I ran into Manuele. I forgot to mention I decided to go ahead and buy my living room carpets didn’t I? I ordered them online last Friday. I had found them a month or so ago and really loved them. Then when I went back one of them was sold. These are hand made in Iran so one of a kind. I was sorry to lose the one yellow one I had picked out so thought I should go ahead and buy them. I chose brightly colored ones with a good nap because the sofa is beige and the walls will be white so I wanted some bright colors. Here are a couple of pictures of similar carpets from the website. The rectangular one is for under the dining room table and the square one will go in front of the sofa.



Shopping online here is not quite the same as in the US. I have used both Amazon.it and Amazon.co.uk. The one in the UK is more like ours in the states. But I have used both. Using the Italian one has the advantage to be a language lesson as well 🙂

Anyway, Manuele told me two big boxes had arrived – Yay! I don’t know if I mentioned we have all our packages sent to his address. Someone is always there to receive them. He told me that Jimmy (the animal) would bring them over tomorrow. He is called that because he is very strong. So I am excited to get them.

I headed over to the apartment next to see what has been done. After two days there weren’t many more changes. It looks like they are working mainly on the electricity. They are moving and adding outlets and running wires up to the ceiling through the walls for the overhead lights. I didn’t bother to take pictures of that. Boring.

This is the finished hallway ceiling that was uncovered at the end of which is the finished new stairway moved from the kitchen.


This is from inside the pantry looking toward the door to the kitchen. I am very happy with this new space. I also ordered some wine racks to install in it. Should get them in the next 3 days from Amazon.


Kitchen floor.


I went out on the terrace for the first time. I love it.