Big doings in Umbertide

So, let me set the record straight. The Feste that we are in the midst of right now is called Rassegna Bande Musicali. It is from September 2 to September 8. It is not the big festival that I thought it was. It is marching bands. So far on the 2nd we had one band who played one song on the bandstand and marched off playing into Umbertide never to be seen again. I think things may pick up nearer the weekend.

That said the BIG 800 festival is to start NEXT week on Thursday. That would be September 11. It goes through Sunday the 14th. As we walked down the street this morning we saw many things changing around here. We see there is a costume rental place opening up just down the street. How cool is that? I could rent a 17th century costume! I think I will hold off for this year to see what it’s all about 🙂 There are other changes. There is an interesting canopy in the alley beside our house that wasn’t there before. Also another shop down the street is a Taverna del Tintorio. Not sure what that is. We took a drive to Montone to walk around and got stuck in a traffic jam! It was because the streets were blocked. They are removing the huge crane on the church. I had heard it would be gone for the big 800 feste and so it will be.


The Via Roma was completely closed!



Last night I made the fish for dinner. We had bought fish from these folks before but only trout. We always ask them to clean it which they do. This time I was very disappointed that the fish had not been scaled. Drat. I had to do it myself and I hate that! The fish were very good but next time I have to figure out how to ask for it scaled as well.

I had made an order from Amazon in the UK for a couple of Michelin maps for Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. I used our Via Grilli address for the first time. Until now we’ve had everything shipped to Emanuele’s address. So Luther checked the mail and there was a mailing sticker in our box. The maps wouldn’t fit. The sticker had the words “amazon” and “Bar Mary” on it. HA! When someone orders something too big for the box they give it to Bar Mary and we pick it up there. What a hoot.

Amazon bar mary

It is a very cool day and again overcast. We did take our trip to Montone for a little walk about. It is a very pretty, very small hill town. We kept our eyes peeled for the garden of John and Libby which we had heard much about. We did spot it and Libby was outside working in it. We had a small chat with them and headed on back to Umbertide. Here are a couple of pictures of the view from there as well as a small street.