Blessing of the house

So we found a flyer in our mailbox telling us the local priests will be blessing our home on March 1. Don Mario is our assigned Priest for this address. The other one is Don Gaetano. There is a supremely ugly Catholic Church for this part of town nearby. We figure they come from there. Back when we lived in Centro there was the 15th century Collegiata associated with the three churches in Piazza San Francesco. And there was another church also 15th century, not far from our old house whose bells serenaded us. Not being Catholic I think we will pass on the blessing…but given the problems of moving here…maybe we shouldn’t! 🤔

We tried another Rosticceria than the one downstairs. Luther, being unadventurous got another half chicken. I got a pasta and we got some veggies. It was pretty good. Better than the downstairs one. Next time I am getting the Torta al Testo. This is a specialty around here. A dense but soft flat bread. You slice it in half and make a sandwich with it. The traditional filling is sausage and cooked spinach.

Our painter, Luca, starts the job next week. He said it will take two weeks. It is just a one man show and this is a big house. He will begin upstairs. This week I also had a cabinetmaker come. He was nice and had some good ideas. I will call him next week to have him come measure and tell him our final decisions. Not much exciting to tell right now but I plan to finish unpacking the rest of our boxes this weekend. Ciao a tutti!

6 thoughts on “Blessing of the house

  1. Giovanni

    I would get it blessed. I’m not sure of the Italian custom, but in Orthodoxy it is customary to “give an envelope” to the priest. I’m unsure of the appropriate amount, so please if you find out advise on that, as we will have a house blessing coming up ourselves.

  2. Matthew Daub

    Definitely get the blessing!! I’m not Catholic and don’t believe in any of the stuff, but it’s SO Italian, and as my grandma used to say, “It couldn’t hurt!”

  3. Paul

    Can’t wait to see before and after pictures if you’re sharing the progress… exciting but I’m sure it’s alot of time and work too…congratulations

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