Lunch was lovely

As you know we went to the first lunch of the season at Calagrana on Sunday. We met friends who had not been yet. It is always good to get together with friends.

My friend Roselyne brought me tulips! My favorites and yellow is my favorite color. They have brightened my days ever since Sunday and I will be planting them on the terrace.

I am still trying to sort and unpack as best I can. I have reached out to a cabinetmaker because we would like some built in cabinets made as well as some shelving. He is supposed to come tomorrow. Our lighting is coming soon so we need an electrician. This will be a key improvement. Lights are good and I need to get rid of some lights and some loose wires here and there. I have a recommendation for an electrician so if we can get in contact… maybe!

We also ordered our sofa today for the top floor. It will be nice. But it will take about three months to get it. Piano piano…always! 🙄 This is similar to what we ordered. It will be taupe leather. It will also be reversed. Should be comfy for both me and Luther.

3 thoughts on “Lunch was lovely

  1. Carlo Rodriguez

    What a beautiful white leather sofa/recliner! Now that’s modern Italian design. I love it.

    Our two leather sofas have taken a beating from our cats, too, but we found out that it is possible to have them repaired to some extent there in your home. I would imagine that such services exist in Italy given the amount of leather goods they produce.

    And, of course, any meal at Calagrana can’t help but be a delight. What a nice place and nice people to have nearby.

  2. Karen Pace

    Beautiful sofa, Nancy and Luther! Love that you had lunch at Calagrana right as they’re reopening for the season. Beautiful tulips! you have good friends! =)

  3. Matthew Daub

    Glad to see life slowly normalizing for you! We have a once-beautiful gray leather couch. Unfortunately, our cats like it too, if you know what I mean . . .

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