Catching up

So sorry I’ve been MIA. I’m here to fix that. 🙂 it isn’t like nothing’s has been happening. They are bits and bobs as the British would say. I have been doing a lot of the stuff for my sinus infection. I have gotten the second radiograph and gone back to the doctor. He wants to rule out teeth as the cause so I have a dentist appointment for next Monday for that. But the doc has already put me into the system for the scope of my nose. I was pleased about that so if the teeth are ruled out the scope will go forward asap. Enough of this medical stuff!

We had Pino, our electrician come to fix a few things. He is really a piece of work and I like him a lot. Speaks not a word of English, nor Italian. As far as we can tell he speaks mainly Umbertidese, our town dialect. He talks to himself in dialect all the time as he works, but as Luther says, he is extremely resourceful. He fixed our electric garage door, figured out why our doorbell wasn’t working, and fixed the lights on the terrace. Happy days!

Speaking of our doorbell. This is super annoying. Our bell stopped working a while ago and we contacted the condominium. They sent someone who said it was the button and got it working for a short time. When it quit again we contacted them, and the condominium, but got no response. Finally the condominium said it was our own problem because ours was the only bell affected. They said they could fix it for €900 (!). When we saw what Pino did, we realized it was a plastic plate with all four doorbells on it. Our piece of it was broken off. This is not a problem for just us. So now we will go head-to-head with the condo. It is easy to think they are trying to take advantage of us foreigners but that is not a given. We DO need to push back now so they know we are not easy marks.

We had lunch with some friends who are here part time and a couple we know from Foligno who have been here as long as we have. Lively and lovely lunch at C’Era una Volta next door to us. Dessert! It was a torta with cachi, also known as persimmons. Here persimmons grow abundantly everywhere and are big and delicious. They are ripe everywhere now.

I am reading a new book called Still Life. It begins in Tuscany during the Second World War, segues to England afterwards with our main character Alyssis. And now I’m back in Florence where Alyssis has inherited a property in Santo Spirito, a neighborhood of Florence from a man who was saved by him during the war. He was helped by his Notaio, Massimo, and Alyssis came with a small entourage of his former wife’s daughter, age five, by an American soldier during the war, an older man friend, Cressy, and an African blue parrot. Yes, an interesting group. The house they got was big and in a small piazza and of course everyone all around knew he had inherited and was coming. All the talk in the neighborhood. To cut this short, the house had a refrigerator. No one had their own refrigerator! They all used the local bar’s refrigerator. So when Alyssis asked Massimo if they could get a telephone his reply was, “Oh no no. Too soon. Too soon? Trust me. Too soon. Not after the refrigerator.” Too funny! Anyway, I kinda let this get away from me, but I recommend the book to people who like Italy.

Tonight is pizza night with our friends Christie and Jane. The weather is pretty vile. It’s been very windy and pretty wet. Gray skies make it dreary, and we went to standard time last weekend so now the night falls very early. Heading into the season I loath the most here. We lit the stufa for the first time this week.

I will publish this now but hope to post again soon. Ciao for now!

7 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Linda

    Hi Nancy,
    Can you please share who the author of the book you’re reading titled Still Life.

  2. Carlo

    Persimmons were my Italian-American mother’s favorite fruit. She wrote about them in her unpublished memoir. They are not very well known or widely available in the U.S.

  3. Carlo

    I was wondering this morning about your weather there at this time. There are reports of very stormy weather spreading across Europe from north west to south east wreaking havoc.

  4. Louann Chapman

    Is the author of Still Life Sarah Winman? There are several books by that name. Continue to enjoy all your stories! Hope you get your sinus infection cleared up soon. I love your blog!

  5. Matthew Daub

    Thanks for the post. I always look forward to them. Pino seems like a real hoot and valuable resource. I certainly don’t look forward to you having to try and work things out with the condo board. Best of luck with that!!

  6. Nancy

    Let’s hope the condominium situation is not that they’re trying to take advantage of you — that would be a miserable situation. Is it a board that is elected? Perhaps you or Luther could eventually find your way into that. We lived in a condo in Spokane. They ran the building like a group of kids. Peter made friends with everyone and eventually got elected as President. For the first time we had savings for things that break or need replacement, upgrade plans, etc. When we were new they were a little chilly. Once we’d been there awhile they were so glad to have him take the bull by the horns. And it made us so much more comfortable to know that there was a good plan for problems!

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