Today was market day. We went out to purchase our fruits and vegetables as usual. Today the woman that we usually buy our vegetables from showed us an unusual citrus fruit. It was about the size of a grapefruit but she said it was between a lemon and an orange. Curious, I decided to bring one home. Looking it up on Google – it is called a Cedro – it said it is one of the 3 citrus’ that all subsequent citrus came from. It is a very old species. The ancient Greeks had it. Here are some pictures.

This is it in the bowl of oranges. Big huh?DSC04224
Next to a normal lemon.

Now I just have to figure out how to use it. The woman at the veggie stand mentioned a salad or with fish. Also on the internet was a picture of it halved. Seems only 20% of it is edible. Most of it is peel!

Also there is another phenom going on here right now. It looks like snow but it’s some plant that is broadcasting it’s seeds on puffs of white. I’ve seen this before but not to this extent. The stuff is piling up like snow drifts in all the corners, on stairs and especially in our garage. It swirls around our feet. I tried to open the windows today. All have screens but the big one in the living room. I had to close that one because so much of the stuff was coming in. I tried to take a picture but it really doesn’t give the real feel of the quantity of the stuff. Anyway, here it is. You can sort of see the white bits of fluff. Sure hope it stops soon!


2 thoughts on “Cedro

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hey Carlo! Well I did look the history of the cedro up on Google. It came from Africa and they think the Greeks brought it here. Not sure why it’s name also means cedar. It was pretty strange. Tasted lemony but was not at all juicy. To get what juice there was out was difficult to say the least. A good thing to try though.

  2. Carlo Rodriguez

    I thought I recognized that word, “cedro,” it means “cedar” in Spanish (and Italian, too.) I wonder if there’s a connection? Something to do with “citrus,” perhaps?

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