OK this time for sure – Subscribe to my blog!

Hello all. I tried yesterday to add a subscription feature which turned out to be less than optimal. So I trashed that one and tried another called Jetpack. I got it recommended from a blogger who lives half time in Rome and half time in Umbria. His blog is ItalyWise.com Thanks Jed!

So if any of you tried to subscribe already you will need to do it again using the form on the right side bar. Please let me know if you have any problems!

2 thoughts on “OK this time for sure – Subscribe to my blog!

  1. LifeIsG00d

    Hi Mary Ann,
    So happy that you like reading my blog. I do hope it helps some folks who try to do what we did. It is funny, though, the rules are constantly changing so who knows! Good luck with your plans.

  2. Mary Ann DeOliveira

    Nancy – I have been reading your Blog since you have arrived in Italy. I am enjoying each and every post. My husband and I will be doing the same in a couple of years. Keep posting and enjoying all that good food and wine.

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