Corn – part 2

I took a quick drive up to my friend (and corn partner) Angela’s house to see the corn we planted for the first time. As you may recall, I was not at all sure it was going to grow at all, given the earth was not tilled very deeply, but it has come up and looks OK. We can only wait and see if any of it produces ears of corn.

Here is a picture.

On the way to Angela’s house. Olive grove. It was a brilliant day!

And here is an update on my terrace corn. It is doing quite well and I think we will get some corn from these plants.

8 thoughts on “Corn – part 2

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Well I nearly killed our Christmas tree! And the lemon seems unstoppable. So we shall see on the corn. Hoping, hoping!

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Yes Joanne ours on the terrace looks promising. We ordered container corn from Burpee and I sent it to my sis in the states. Picked it up last fall. Who knows if what you bought locally is edible…but if you harvest early when the kernels are small you have a hope!

  3. Leslee

    If you can grow a Christmas tree and a lemon tree that produces lemons all year, corn will be a snap. You have a natural green thumb. Enjoy your harvest.

  4. Joanne Qualey

    Wow, your terrace corn looks great! We are growing some also, found at a local nursery. No idea if we’ll get ears or if they’ll be edible.

  5. royane mosley

    I know you are envious of my temporary life here in Florida…only because of the white queen corn! It’s so so good. Fingers crossed for you and Angela to harvest some!

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