Oh my god…we have harvested our first corn. It was AMAZING. After four corn-less years it was heaven on earth. I am so happy  we got some corn this year from our shared garden with Angela.

We have a guest so we went together to check the corn and I deemed it ready to harvest. We picked 5 ears for our test run.



All ready for the pot. within three hours of picking will ensure a mighty sweet ear.

um um good. Buttered and salted and peppered. Soooo good!

Alas, all gone. Going back tomorrow for more. 🙂

My unfortunate timing means we are gone on our Croatia cruise next week so I will not enjoy it as much as I would have liked. We will see what is left when we return.

6 thoughts on “CORN!!!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Joanne, I planted two types to hedge my bets. The one we ate today is called Sweetness Hybrid matures in 72 days. The other one is an heirloom variety called Country Gentleman – 92 days. I ordered from Burpee in the US to send to my sister. Then I picked them up last fall and planted in late spring. Italian varieties are not as sweet I think.

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    No secret Jed. Just had a garden created but really not tilled deeply enough. Planted anyway with few expectations. I was thrilled today to find numerous ears ready to eat. Who knows why! It was so sweet! Like sugar!

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Wow Mary, I’m glad you are eating it! It is one of summers most delicious treats. I have really missed it.

  4. Jed

    Hi Nancy, I am so very envious! I tried growing corn for two years to no avail. Good corn brings back the best summer memories of my childhood. I want to know you secret! Jed

  5. Mary R.

    Congratulations on your experiment. That corn looks good enough to eat! You inspired me to enjoy corn this summer as we don’t normally eat it, and it has been wonderful.

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