Ciao a tutti! I am passing along some observations I’ve made about products here in Italy. They are just little, everyday type things that I’ve noticed. My point today…everything here is flimsier than the same product I am used to in the US. Here are just a few things that I’ve noticed.

Cardboard boxes of wraps…like Saran Wrap, aluminum foil, etc. are very flimsy. The box itself is made of the thinnest cardboard. This makes it nearly impossible to tear off the wrap. You end up crushing the box in the process. I have an American Glad Wrap box that I just put the Italian product in. It has held up for two years! (I guess it is getting a little worn out, still better than the Italian box)

Then there is the wrap itself. Aluminum foil is the worst. You can’t put it in a pan without poking a hole through it! And don’t ever try to wrap anything in it. This is one of the items I bring from the US when I go back. Good old Reynolds foil.

Note the thinness of the foil and the flimsiness of the box.

Plastic water bottles are made of such thin plastic that you can crush them into a ball with no effort. I’ve tried with water bottles in the States and couldn’t do that. In fact all plastic bottles are this way here. My lime juice bottle is permanently crushed from squeezing. My sunflower oil bottle has dimples from just holding it. Maybe this is environmentally friendly because less plastic is used?

You know those little twist ties you close bags with? Well, the ones here have such a small filament of wire in them that they won’t even stay bent. They are useless. I save my old ones and use them over and over. The white one is the Italian one. The black is one I brought along from the US.

Something else I use over and over. Ziplock bags. I wash them and hang to dry and reuse. This is because we can’t get them here. Also, it is ecologically friendly.

Just little differences I thought would be fun to mention!

5 thoughts on “Observations

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    They are supposed to Joaanne, but I have heard Italians around here say that, even though we separate the trash the Waste Management company is corrupt and dumps it all in a landfill. If that is so, I am unhappy about it. But I’ll keep recycling anyway. And I am sure using less paper and plastic is ecologically a good thing. Doesn’t make those boxes any easier to use though!!

  2. Mary R.

    LOL – I can relate to the Ziplock plastic bags. We started reusing them when we lived in Germany all those years ago. We still wash them and reuse them. I have a hard time throwing out a plastic Ziplock bag that I’ve only used once.

  3. Joanne Qualey

    I agree with you on Italian packaging and foil. I think thinner boxes are more quickly biodegradeable and thinner plastic bottles means less plastic in landfills. Actually our water bottles all say 100% recyclable which I hope they do here. They certainly did in Germany and I think trash separation rules are EU wide.

  4. Luther Hampton

    Very unfair comment about the water bottles. They are meant for you to crush when done, so that they don’t take up so much space in the recycle bin.

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