Corona virus 19

521 total positive cases in Umbria, 14% rise. 16 deaths.

59,148 total cases in Italy. Rise of 10%.
I feel it is slowing somewhat, the percentages a bit less. They say by Wednesday this week we will see the slowing…Spero di si. 🤞

Italian news bits —

10% of the total cases here in Italy are health care workers. This nurse has worn a mask so much it has damaged her skin. They are our heros.


Amazon has announced that they have suspended delivery of non-essential items to Italy and France. I received an email this morning from them. I had ordered something non essential a couple of weeks ago…before all this got going…and it will be delayed indefinitely. Darn. Now I can’t even shop on-line to keep my spirits up. Sad… but I’m fine with it. Whatever helps!

And from abroad…

Somehow people can’t seem to get it through their heads this is a real thing!

London Times —
“After huge numbers flocked to parks, markets and beaches in the UK over the weekend, Downing Street warned the government will impose curfews and travel bans if social distancing guidelines are not followed.“

Washington Post —

I’m thinking this could be a Darwin event…

In our lives we still have some pleasures. Last night we had a wonderful dinner of fish cakes and mixed vegetables. Courtesy of our friends at Calagrana, Ely, Albi, and Ollipops. I am looking forward to the day we can all meet up on their beautiful terrace after all this is finally over…

It occurs to me that our world will emerge from this pandemic someday, but I think it will emerge a very different place. Our economies are being severely tested. Our moral fabric is being tested. And no one knows how it will all turn out. I fervently hope some good will come from this. That we will come out a better race of human beings. Speriamo di si.

Faremo insieme – we stand together.
Stay home and safe all my friends!

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