Corona virus 23

802 positives in Umbria. Up 12.5%. 20 deaths.
80,539 positives in Italy. Up 8%.
Slight uptick. The top of the curve will be a little up-down I guess.

Sadly the latest figures from the US show the virus has grown and the cases have surpassed Italy and China. It’s now the world leader. As I’ve mentioned before, it will grow very fast from here. There’s no stopping it. But it can be slowed if people stay apart, and stay home. The point is to decrease the cases so the hospitals have the capacity to treat the sick.

I believe some people think the US will win against the Virus. It will not win. No matter what the people in charge try to do. But it can and will get worse if they open up too soon and encourage people to get out. And get together. Very, VERY big mistake.

Notes from self isolation
Last night was another very yummy meal courtesy of Calagrana.
Fish pie! Chock full of seafood. Shrimp, white fish, salmon and mussels that I could see. Topped with mashed potatoes. Mmmmm.

We placed another order (Calagrana) for pickup on Sunday coming up. This time we chose the Spicy Baby Chicken and the Lamb shanks. Each a meal for two.

Luther came to me this morning and announced that he had stupendous news. A pizzeria is now delivering pizza in Umbertide!! He’s very excited. He loves pizza. Maybe we will try it tonight.😋

Today was our weekly Italian lesson. We each get an hour one-on-one with our teacher via Skype. Used to be in person before.

I finished getting all my US income tax stuff together yesterday and sent that in. Always a relief.

As I said, oatmeal cookies were in my future and today I will make them. Pictures tomorrow.

I worry for my friends and family in the US. Please stay in and safe. We can come out the other side of this thing if we stand strong together, but apart…Faremo insieme! 💕

2 thoughts on “Corona virus 23

  1. Jed

    Brava, Nancy, for warning people in the US not too relax and open up too soon. I only hope they will heed your advice.
    By the way, we’re hearing on local news that a significant backlog in testing potentially is compromising the accuracy and reliability of the stats. I guess, with another week or two under our belts, we can start to call the curve with confidence.
    Stay safe!

  2. Margaret Rosen McGarrell

    I thought of you as I watched our PBS Newshour last eve… Sadly it was no surprise that the numbers were radically higher ( again) as Trump stands up there with his complete idiocy and stammers on about how well we , HE, are/is doing He doesn’t deserve words here, but it is as you said, and I’ve known…The US has well surpassed any other country in CV cases…there’s no question that it will only get a whole lot worse. It’s a spooky/scary time. We should have and could have, been far more prepared…avanti.
    Your meals looks fabulous! Each and every one. And how wonderful about Pizza delivery! It’s a wonderful idea and something else to looks forward to in isolation.
    Viva Umbertide!

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