Corona virus 28

1,078 positives in Umbria. 2.5% rise. 37 deaths.
105,792 positives in Italy. 4% rise. 12,428 deaths

Still dropping.

174,027 positives in the US. 3,415 deaths.

I went to the pharmacy to refill my prescriptions. This is one of the three things we can leave our house to do. There was no one inside and no one waiting. They let one in at a time. There is a box marked in tape on the floor where you stand. You lean in with your boxes to refill. The pharmacist holds each new box up to see. You can’t pay in cash, only with a credit or debit card. Lean in to take the boxes. Arrivederci. And I’m on my way. Quick trip. Being outside in the cold air felt marvelous!! Too bad the pharmacy is so close to our house 😢

I have to admit, yesterday, I hit a wall. I felt very tired, sad, discouraged. Up to now I have been OK, but the thought of another month (or more!) in this house. Well honestly, it is depressing. I can’t even get excited about cooking. Now, for me, that’s serious. I don’t want to be a downer to others. But I also want to be honest. And I think it will be a problem for all of us who are locked down, in their house, away from friends and family, unable even to go outside for a walk, for weeks. I’m sure what I’m feeling is/will be normal for many.

So, now my job is to figure out how to overcome this. I’ve got to try to pull myself out of this funk. And I will. I think I will start by coming up with a list of tasks to work on. Things to accomplish each day. A goal. And a schedule. Not too much, but something each day. I think this will help me feel like I’m doing something other than sitting here reading the news and Facebook. Something that will make me feel I’ve accomplished something.

A new day. Clear and cold out. Slept a little longer than usual but then, where do I have to go? One thing I’ve read though, is that routine is important. Getting up at a normal time, dressing, bathing, chores…all good for the mood. For the sense of control. I feel a bit better today. I’m throwing myself at my kitchen cabinets 😀

I have a lot of spices and herbs. And I’ve got these cool cabinets with sliding glass that close some of them up. I suppose some would put pretty things in there. Not me, I put my spices and condiments and ingredients, near to hand. I’m taking everything out, making sure it’s cleaned off, cleaning the surface inside, and organizing them properly.

Spices. Glass is open.

To show you how the glass slides back to cover the bottles.

I buy a lot of my spices from Penzeys in the US. I have them sent to Cindy or a friend to bring over later. They have the best and biggest selection. Anyway, when I buy them they always put in extra stuff. And it is usually something hard to file among the other jars in an orderly way. Like Jerk seasoning, or steak seasoning. Usually blends which I don’t use so often. Anyway, I’ve got to figure out how to organize them.

The other cabinet, of the same type, is full of things for different foods and for baking. Balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, Worcester sauce, hot sauces, honeys, baking powder and soda, corn starch, vanilla etc. so it is next for this afternoon.

It has been a while since I made any soup and that is our normal lunch staple. So today I made Lentil soup with spinach. It smelled sooo good while cooking as it has cumin and cayenne in it 😋. I did fiddle with the recipe…no surprise there!

And, finally, lunch!


Stay home guys. If I can do it…you can too! 🤞😉🙃🙂

5 thoughts on “Corona virus 28

  1. Tracy

    Good on you for buying Penzey’s spices, right here in my area! Enjoy reading your blogs. Must be especially hard for those people who are used to being on the road. Sorry about the loss of your beloved pets.

  2. Vicki Vinton

    I’m a writer & educator from Brooklyn who’s been following your blog since last summer when my husband and I started talking about possibly moving to Italy, which is a country we’ve spent a lot of time in and love. We’d hoped to spend April or May in Umbria just to see how being there for a month or two felt. But of course, that isn’t happening now. So now I read your blog each day to better understand how everyone in Italy is dealing with this amazingly challenging times. So more than anything I’m reaching out now to let you know that reading your blog each day is part of my shelter-in-place routine in the hope that it might at least momentarily let you step away from the funk that so many of us feel right now.

  3. Joanne Qualey

    I love your blog! You are so honest, always. Now that the sun is out, I find it helps my mood tremendously to sit in the sun at least 15 minutes in the morning to drink my coffee. Can you do that on your terrace? Just a thought…😘

  4. Sandra Lane

    Sandi here in France. I have been scrutinizing your blog every day, gleaning what I can that will help us cope with what you are already going through and we seem to be about to go through. We are in lockdown as well, but we can at least go out for a walk (alone) for an hour a day.
    Please send the recipe for your lentil soup. It looks delicious!!
    Hang in there. At least you have kitties, a lovely house and an interesting partner to keep you entertained.

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